In conversation with Malvika Gupta : The Rise & Rise! 

Authors : Anurag Namdeo & Simran

In a world where it’s hard to put together a decent outfit to suit the occasion, with an awe­inspiring aura of elegance with even the most simplistic of clothes, we have with us, Malvika Gupta, from the fashion capital of India (also the capital of India), fashion blogger and stylist by profession who does it with utmost ease and perfection. 


A glimpse at her handle (@styleonwings) and you’ll know what puts her at the top of her game. 
A look at her blog and you’re sure to experience a surge of inspiration to dress better and beautiful.
She’s an inspiration to budding bloggers and fashion enthusiasts. We bring to you, a chance to know this bold and beautiful woman better. 

Presenting to you, a candid chit chat on the The Rise & Rise of Malvika Gupta! 

1. Tell us something about yourself. 

Being a Fashion Blogger, my style is what speaks for me. I love combinations and I love experimenting! 

One thing about me is that I don’t like going simplistic and monotonous, I’ll always match up boho with chic – either a pair of svelte shorts with a junk necklace or a nice little floral. 

I believe every girl, should stand for comfort. That’s what beauty is. I, personally can not stand in 6 inch heels for long! 

My brand, PopFashion, was incepted about 2 years ago and ever since is an integral part of my life. 

2. What do you do besides Blogging? 

I am a Digital Marketing Professional. My work period was 6 months, but, I quit after that as I wanted to invest all my energy into blogging. 

3. How did you start? Who was your inspiration? 

I started in April 2014, and was an avid follower of Toronto based Fashion Blogger Mimi Ikonn. That woman got me hooked to the field and I wanted to create something of that stature. 

4. You’ve received a lot of warmth and love and are one of India’s most sought after Bloggers. Any comments? 

I feel extremely thankful to each one of my followers. It is due to them that I am where I am and if I’m doing this interview with you today, I owe it to my fans. 

5. Any negativity or a hedonistic dark side that social media has shown you? 

Wherever there’s love, there’s going to be criticism and hate too. These things don’t affect me much now, but yes, initially they did. My hairstyle has received negative comments as I don’t experiment with it much. 

It’s all a part of building yourself. I use the criticism constructively now. 

6. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 

I think I’d be a major Fashion influencer by when, on a world level, and an entrepreneur with my company reaching new heights. 

7. Describe Style On Wings – Your blog, in 3 words. 

Quirky, Trendy, Chic. 

8. When did you seal your first review? How was the process? 

When I started, I was an amateur. I had only 30-40 followers and always used to wonder, “Damn! Will I ever reach 1k?” 

Today, I’ve grown so much and learnt so much. Initially I used my own wardrobe to create different looks for occasions, but eventually, brands started pouring in with requests. It was then that I learnt what collaborations are like. 
If you’re good enough, getting brands isn’t an issue. 

9. A shout out to your fans reading this interview! 

Just get out there. Do your own thing. Don’t wait for someone to advice you. Things fall into place if you get started first! 


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