5 kinds of guys on Tinder

Author: Sabhya Kumar

Here’s summarizing the species of manhood found on the match making service that is Tinder. If you are a girl, you will chuckle in appreciation and if you’re a guy, you now know, what categories girls put you in.

1. He’s the one: People have this particularly irritating habit of thinking that every guy who swipes right on Tinder is their soulmate. Specially after studying in a girl’s college, every guy seems to be the one!



2. He’s the creep: Time and again, your roommate will find a pathetic excuse for a guy, strutting around in those not so cool shades and ask her if she is a virgin or not. True story.



3. Grammarnazi’s nightmare: The guy calls himself a writer and can barely string two coherent sentences together. If the number of people who claim to be writers were actually writers, Virginia Woolf would jump off a bridge again!



4. The Usurper: There will be that one guy who will talk to you for a while and maybe after getting to know your college or any other equally insignificant detail, unmatch you, rather unceremoniously. Nursing a hurt ego, you unmatch someone else, purely for revenge!



5. The Friend: Odds are, you will end up having a fun conversation with this guy which makes you exchange numbers. It leads to nothing but you end up making a really great friend.






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