Valentine’s Special : Another Love Poem? 

Poets – Priyanjana Das & Anuj Nawal 
Another ‘love poem’?
Another lyrical ballad of sad melodies? 
Another ‘we’ll lead our life together forever’ poem?
 Well yes,

Another one of that.
That which lets white clouds turn grey on a summer afternoon
That which makes it drizzle and then rain heavily


That which makes the birds look beautiful, that which encompasses vivid stories of Romeo and Juliet
Only to have a happy ending! 

That which brings Cinderella sprawl the floors of palaces late after midnight
That which brings alive the ‘true love’s kiss’
That. That.
Another set of rhyming lines?

Another group of words that make you believe in love?

Another collaboration of ideas that make you believe your Prince charming is out there?


Another one of that

The one which doesn’t let you sleep at night,
That which makes the lyrics of love ballads sensible,
That which comes as a pinch and then leaves as a scar,
That which makes the ocean look smaller, that which sings lores of warriors who died for their love,
Only to keep them safe,
That which makes your mother turn red everytime your dad compliments her
That which refreshes a million memories of your love
That. That.


It’s that time of the month

Where love ripens

You evolve



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