Meet The Humans Of New Delhi! 

Author : Sabhya Kumar 

We travelled along the huge expressways & bylines of this metropolis, which is the Capital of India, exploring the pulsating emotions and beating hearts of its people. 

This feature is going to change your perceptions about Delhi being a “cold, heartless” place. 


“I want to make it big. But that’s gonna take time. And effort. I saw these tinted shades in a shop window, and decided they were my big for now.”

– Spotted at Hauz Khas Village.



“I have four assignments, enough research projects to last a lifetime but not a care in the world.”

– Spotted at Lady Shri Ram College for Women, Delhi University 



“My husband had health issues and can’t work anymore. Back in Orissa, my meagre salary could not fend for my four children. So I came to Delhi, to work as a maid, leaving my youngest behind. I can only sing him to sleep on the phone.”

  Spotted at National Park. 


  “I was told, the boards are it. You can relax all your life after. Now in college, these marks are all that will matter. The rest of your life is a holiday. The rat race probably only ends when you die.”

– Spotted at the Lady Shri Ram College For Women, Delhi University 


“How old are you?”

“Seven years old.”

“Are you really that old?”

“No wait, I’m 3.”


“But I think I might be 2.”

– Spotted at the Wordsworth Project, South Extension. The Project educates children from underprivileged backgrounds.




“He is 12 years old and has lived each one of those years as my baby brother. Sometimes, his age gets to me and I can’t help but cry, thinking he doesn’t have much time left. This one time, he hid a chocolate biscuit which I didn’t want him to eat. He buried it and sat on it, all day through. Things like these, make me smile through the tears.”

– Spotted at National Park.



“He can predict when I will cry and when I will laugh. He’s the brother who will take care of every whim and fancy, every fleeting thought I have. I don’t want him to ever get married. I would hate to share the attention with his wife!”

Spotted at Park Hotel

With this we conclude our series, showing you glimpses of the glitz, whims, dreams, rags and glitterati of this place we call Dilli!
Well, we are not just douchebags like this :- 



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