Got a Sweet Tooth? Indulge at Cake Stop Delhi! 

Cake Stop started with the love of feeding people we love with food that we love to make.


It was and always has been a way of spreading joy, particularly for us. It is also a dream, not only for us but for a lot of people like us. Most importantly to me, it is symbolic of my mother, who happens to be my partner through it. She is a constant reminder of how it is never too late, how if you are strong enough you can get through anything and if you set yourself up to you can make anything happen. That is how Cake Stop happened for us. It has been a source of constant joy not only for us but for all customers we have catered too, so far and we hope that remains the case for as long as we bake and serve. 
Cake Stop, to put simply is a home bakery and loads of mistakes that have taught us how to do things right. We can make anything and everything you want us to chocolates, cakes, truffles, mousses and we won’t use egg in them.
 We promise to leave you with a smile and not ripping you off. 


Happiness is just an order away, at pocket friendly prices!

Contact us on:


Snapchat: Cakestopdelhi


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