Fighting Childhood Obesity : Taking Baby Steps towards a Healthier Lifestyle 

Author : Joshita Bhasin 


“Childhood is the kingdom where nobody dies, 

Where little Angels ward down every evil their innocence, 

And where laughter can cure. ”

Team Born Of A Million Thoughts 


We all have fond memories of childhood. Today, we take you on a walk down the memory lane with our visit to Cradle To Crayons for an event. 

Cradle to Crayons, Sector 47 Gurgaon & VLCC Slimming Team, Sohna Road organised a session aimed at Fighting Childhood Obesity in Indian kids on 8th February, 2015. The event was covered by Team Born Of A Million Thoughts as an interactive interface between kids and teachers. 

Obesity in India has been a recurrent problem and if left unnoticed, may trigger serious ailments like :-

  • Diabetes 
  • High Cholesterol 
  • High BP 
  • PCOD 
  • Depression 
  • Lack of Self Confidence 
  • Reproductive Health affected 

The crux of the event captured Health as the standing pillar, but, cutting across the serious topic in a fun, quirky and playful manner is solely accredited to Team VLCC! 


The kids had a gala time – Colouring, Identifying fruits and vegetables & Playing games was followed up with an interactive session with the teachers and the Principal. 

Today’s society is more gadget oriented and fast paced, but, in embracing the rising consumerism, our kids have taken to bad habits such as – no outdoor activities, watching Tv for prolonged hours, phones, play stations, addiction to junk food and sodas. This topic was discussed at length due to the serious implications it has on how the child grooms himself into a thinking adult. 
A “treat” usually means a visit to a fast food joint. It’s convenient and easy. Outdoor games are a myth we only hear from our grandparents. 

Teachers, being the torchbearers of a kid’s future, had a few questions to ask too, and we bring to you tidbits about the session! 

1. How much can I control with the kids? 

A. When it comes to children, it’s important that we give them everything. But this is where portion control comes in the picture. Everything in limited quantity is good. Anything that goes over the limit, is bad for us. 
2. My son is 12 years old. Should I not give him ghee at all? If yes, then How much Ghee is good for his age? 

A. Ghee and other oils are essential for lubrication of the body or else it’ll go dry. 

All in all, we recommend 1 tablespoon, 5 gram of Ghee as good for our health. 
A few pointers were given :-

  • Use healthier oils for cooking like : Rapeseed oil, rice bran oil. 
  • Olive oil is not recommended for Indian cooking. 
  • To get the best flavours, use extra virgin olive oil for drizzling and salad dressings. 
  • Replace ghee with olive oil while making choori for a healthier and tastier option. 
  • Replace popcorns with slightly roasted and season makhanas. Not only are they tastier and healthier alternative, makkhanas are rich in calcium too! 
  • Munch on dry fruit trail rather than chips. 
  • Go for healthier baked options rather than the usual fried, when it comes to burgers. 
  • Add oats to idli batter. 
  • Increase amount of veggies in sooji uppma. Add a little oats too! 
  • If the child is heading towards obesity, turn down the daily amount of dairy  product intake too. 
  • Replace the “white” products, like maida and sugar with healthier options. 
  • Your activities increases with your child’s. Work more, lose more. 


Ended the session with a fun quiz to test the teachers. It was fun to see them attempt quizzes. 

A few healthy tiffin recipes were put in every child’s bag to encourage their parents to make healthy and fun food and not just opt for packed and processed foods, for they contain high amounts of sodium! 



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