10 Things You Shouldn’t Do At Law School 

Author : Garima Thukral

Let’s take you on a roller coaster ride to a law school.
Though, hey? I’d be taking you on the downs and the lows of this ride. Because the high’s dear fellows, will only get you high.
(Yes, exactly what you’re thinking)
The 10 Things You SHOULD NOT do at a Law School are for you to bookmark, if you’re entering this field. (Thank us later, fellas!)
1) Don’t expect to top the exams, just because theory is your strong point. Yes, brace yourselves, Law is not and SO not just Rattu Tota business. It is much more than pale mugging up and writing down answers.
2) Not reading of the newspaper is a condemnable act. Reading the newspaper, being aware of what’s happening, the new laws being framed, bills being passed in the parliament should be on your tips, and if not you prepare for your own funeral.
3) Never try changing a person’s opinion in a heated debate. Take your stand, give valid facts to support your stand, talk about the legal implications and leave the rest to the jurisdiction of the concerned authority. But, never ever try changing someone’s opinion. That debate will turn into a war. A war, I must warn you that will never end.

4) Don’t expect everybody to have the same proffesionalism as you do. The sincerity differs on how badly you want to have success in this field.

5) Do not immediately pitch for mooting. And if you go for it, never go for the post of a mooter, take the post of a researcher. It has two benefits, 

  • first it enhances and increases your knowledge about the subject and 
  • second, it gives you time to observe and learn from the mistakes of others, which will help you in the next mooting competitons.  


6) Do not start thinking of pay packages, internships, mootings, debates, group discussions all in the first year. Give yourself time, enough time to know what to do and which field to choose.

7) Stop jumping to conclusions too soon, stop comparing. Your growth and your success is entirely yours, comparisons won’t give you an edge over anybody. So, if you did not get that internship because you were a percent less for the qualifications and your friend did. It’s okay. Breathe. You’ll do better next time.
8) Don’t expect everything to be done quickly. Patience and only patience will get you through everything in this field. Because our justice systems teach this saying in the most perfect way and not to add with a pinch of salt, ‘Sabhar Ka Phal Meetha Hota Hai.’
9) This is one field where nothing will be served to on a platter. So people believing otherwise, Law is SO not for you. Yes, you need to run up and down for internships, follow up, wait months to get your internship certificate and follow up for that too. Forget being lazy and complacent, it will only shove you in the backward direction.
10) Stop expecting your proffessors to be lawyers. Imparting practical knowledge is not part of their job description.

So, step up and be active. Be always on the edge to take as many opportunties as you can on your way. Though be careful, choosing only those that will enhance your personality and will add to your overall growth and development.

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