The Influence: A bliss and a Societal Blasphemy 

Author : Aziz Chikhly
In Roman times, the Kings ruled with the help of the priests in the High Church, not only for their blessings but also for their influence on the Kingdoms of the common man. 

They advertised their policies and instilled it in to the people’s minds and houses by having the priests preach them to the people. In whatsoever way they preached it, either by portraying the Kings as a blessing or demeaning the enemies of the kingdom as Devils. 
This trust in priests by the Kings was no holy belief that the Kings held but it was a well thought through strategic idea of Influencing the masses with the help of the influence that the priests had upon them. 
Though the Roman Era is a long gone part of history but it’s strategic influence practices till date persist in our society.

People’s view on existence of influence in society is something we would like to call as the dark chocolate effect; some would describe its taste as extremely sweet while the rest would call it bitter.

It’s a matter of perception but even the case of how the tastebuds are build. In other words, it all depends on whether you are using influence or suffering from it. 

Let us break it down for you. 

Let’s say there’s a long queue, are you the one who had to stand for at least an hour in the queue to collect your documents or you didn’t have to queue up as your documents were ready because you know someone-who-knows-someone-whose -uncle-knows-someone-whose-nephews-friends-brother works at the desk. 

If you were the latter, you went home and slept with a smile as you saved an hour of your precious time and energy from not waiting in the line. 
But what if you were standing in the queue facing unprecedented delay in your turn as you watched people who didn’t even queue up and got their work done in a matter of seconds, 

Would your smile have lasted the day out then? 

We sometimes do not get tired of speaking in volumes against nepotism and how influence damages the righteousness in our society.

 Perhaps we are hypocrites, we favor influence seeking when it’s for our good and demean it when we are not the part of the equation or do not have an influential advantage in the situation. We are a part of a society that turns a blind eye to elements of justice when situation are in our favor and come to realize those very elements when we are put down, seeing others advance before us. 
People sought having connections as a proud characteristic by which they want to let people know that they can get any sort of work done with ease.

 Some to the extent put down “know how of large network of people in the field” in their resume to imply their abilities. But is it the right thing to get the work done going around the system ? Or is it the only way of getting work done by going around the system ? 
We can press, protest, riot, run campaigns all we want but the change won’t come until we bring the change in ourselves.


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