Why I write about You? 

Poet – Priyanjana Das

Why I write about you?

On normal days I would say

Because I love you.

But then I realise that it is not an affectionate 3 word gesture,

There’s more to my love

There’s more to you.

Because you are omnipresent?

But then I realise that making you my wintry sighs

My spring pollen sneeze

My summer breeze

My autumn hues

Does not really design you

Its way too poetic.

You are strength

You never knew how much ‘you’ it took me to be like you on the phone

Battling incessant cancer cells

You are divine

I need a lot of ‘you’ to make god understand, I don’t need Him.

You are belief

‘You’ make me weary of the world around.

tumultuous, ravaging, and clawing at my very core.

I do not want to associate you with the shrill that went through my spine on the news of your demise,

Or the crack of a rib right where my hearted rested,

Certainly not the blue-ness of the blushing cheeks

Or the purplish dusk that shattered all dawns of life

There’s more to my love

There’s more to you

I write out of pain,

Though what comes out is a paper machete of various forms of you, colours of your vivid hopes, enchanting dreams

I realize, I write about you because you mean the world to me,

My only world that brings alive the morning mandir bells and the seasonal chants of devotees

My only world where God,

Has a face I could show unabashedly.


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