TOWN HOUSE CAFÉ: Fetishes of food and “Clear Face” Aspirants! 

Authors : Oohini Muherjee & Maanvi Agarwal

Photographs By : Maanvi Agarwal

A launch of the new facial brand called the Clear Face was graced with some delicious delicacies and specialities of the Town House café in the busy street of Connaught Place, Delhi.

The launch was glammed with the presence of beautiful ladies who were looking for a mingling of some food and freshness. Reaching out with issues that concerned the skin, the beautiful bloggers discussed food and lifestyle with clatters of laughter and sharing good living.

What the the place offered to complement the launch:

Multani Paneer Tikka


Buttery Paneer glowing with yellow, very shallow cooked and not so unique. A mouthful of cottage cheese is what you receive from this dish.

Dahi Ke Kebab


Deep fried, though totally melting in the moth, these kebabs are soaked in oil and ver bland without a proper bite or taste other than the salt and buttery yogurt.

Celery infused Mozzarella Sticks

 Something that can be conveniently casted in home. It is a proper crispy cheese mould that can be based with a lot of dips but fails to be self-sufficient. (Accompany it with more snacks, and you’re good to go!)
Corn Salt And Pepper

The only successful dish that made a little difference in its attempts. It proved to be a little brave with frying the corn and presenting it in a quantitative way, it is one must try of what Town house has to offer.

Chili Chicken and Herbed Fish Fingers & Kebabs 

The picture says enough.

Sinful Apple town, Old town Sandiego Mojito are both amongst their cocktails which give a good contrast to the nature of food and can be complemented.

All in all, amazing food with a consistency might come across as proving to be cliché but, it is something that is ought to be expected from a launch of a product! We give it a thumbs up.


We also reviewed a new brand of facial creams, and home-made spa gels which goes by the name ‘Clear Face’.

Based in Noida, it’s an e-commerce market which will soon enter the Delhi domain. Currently the marketing is based mostly in Gwalior.
The presentation of the products was a short one but the women clique around made the environment vibrant, the products themselves had much to offer. The products presented included ‘Fruit face wash’, ‘Fruit scrub’, ‘Aloe Vera gel’, ‘Almond and honey suns cream’, and ‘Neem face wash’.

Fruit Face Wash
The salient features of the face wash are that it has ZERO soap content, and is applicable on all skin types. It’s gentle on the skin and the natural fruit extracts, applied twice a day helps in cleansing the skin pores of oil and dust, preventing acne and blemishes. It lightens the skin and tightens the pores.
Despite the promise that it is cheaper than the other market products, there’s not much of a difference and on an average it ranges below some brands, and above some brands. The price is Rs.85 for 100ml.
 Aloe Vera Gel
Aloe Vera with Vitamin E and Allantoin is a unique Aloe Vera based formula. It’s as safe as a facial moisturizer and the healing qualities apply for acne scars, stretch marks, pimples, scalp disorders and minor burns. It has a multipurpose quality and can also be used as a shaving gel and hair styling gel.
It penetrates the skin easily and can be applied on all skin types and any body part. It also helps to remove colours on Holi, without being harsh on the skin


Aloe Vera shaving gel

Composed of skin soothers and moisturizing contents of Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, it gives a smooth shave without any cuts and irritation.
Almond and Honey Suns cream

Composed of natural honey and almond extracts, it has no chemicals and is sensitive to the skin.


Though the promises seem light-weight in accordance to the million promises that every brand makes, clear face guarantees to be composed of 100% natural elements. How it suits the skin can vary with each individual, however so far it seems to be good for the skin. Only long term use can answer the question of whether it stands true to being different from the other multi-national brands, but we suggest that you try it for yourselves.


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