Things I learned from Dr. House MD: Being Anti-Social is Fun!

Author: Joshita Bhasin

It’s always so much fun to binge on TV shows. I’m sure it’s an interest shared by a lot of us. However, at the close of the show, we just end up wondering about the things we have to do in life. Given my much anti social attitude, I like Dr. House MD the most. It’s just so effective! Made me limp, actually. Oh well, that could be because of the fall during my dance rehearsal but I’d really like to think it otherwise. In my love for Dr. House MD, I bring to you the list of things which it has taught me.


Point number one is that everybody lies. Yes, even your parents and the best of friends. Also, normal is just not the thing to be. It’s rather overrated. To cut off the crap and everything else, sarcasm will always the answer. And always remember, it’s never lupus. Anything, but that.

There’s just some more to help make your lives closer to a cake walk.

So, what I am going to tell you now is FBI kinda secret. Squeeze-balls are there to actually help us in accelerating our thinking process. And trust me, they’re just perfect in the task they serve. Next you need to know is that, it’s always better to wash your new denims before you put them on. Gives them a fresh colour and makes them high on the rugged feel. Talking of rugged, just make sure while hooking your bra that it doesn’t pierce through your skin. The supportive things can cut your flesh too sometimes, you see?

And a few more things, just to boost the self love in each one of us.


If you believe in something, don’t compromise. Even if that means you having to stand alone. The show clearly potrays how everyone would suddenly fall in love with you exactly when you’re about to die. However, my favourite thing here is the fact that even if you’re a sardonic cynic, you could at least have one friend (who’s exactly like you) and sexual encounter/s with your boss. (Fine! He was just hallucinating it.)

Eight seasons and an entire ice-cream tub later, I realized that the anti-social person in me has found an abode in Dr. Gregory’s house. I realized that my hate for petty humans wasn’t unnatural at all. After all, being misanthropic in a Punjabi environment has challenges of its own. We’ve got to sit amidst a bunch of giggling aunties, munching deep fried samosas over their gossiping tea time, tolerating every nonsense they speak with a cordial smile on our face. It gets even more difficult as the girls start approaching their “right age” for marriage.

Coming back to Dr. House, it has taught me how solidarity can really be delightful. Once, we start enjoying our own company, we do not have to go looking for a bunch of human beings to entertain us; saves from the crazy bunch, big time! However, to reach at that level of peace, it’s the world we have to fight with, who actually categorize the isolated ones as weirdos. Ironical, eh? Talking of weird though, the best thing, I believe, which everyone would have learned from Dr. House MD is that it’s okay to be not normal. Anyways, what’s normal to me could be crazy in someone else’s eyes.


Also, we must understand that at some point of life we all have to be selfish. And, it’s okay. Well, that is what the show has for its viewers to learn. You don’t always have to put others’ needs first. It’s absolutely important to come in terms with believing in your own self and doing what you like, for a change. And to hell with people who tell you otherwise.

The older I grow, the more I realize that the people don’t really like other people. We are twisted, sadistic and weird species. Still, for some unknown reasons, we keep flattering people and pretend to like them. All we need to learn is that it’s alright to be yourself and to do your own thing the way you want, without having to please anybody, that is.



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