The Maze of Ethics, Morals, Evolution and Survival 

Author : Yashika Kaushik

I believe that values are the main building blocks of your life.

It is very difficult to try to describe the thinking process I am going through when I am defining my own values. It is certainly uncomfortable to share all these thoughts with you but I still strongly believe that honesty is the best way to approach. Writing something that is not true is, actually, against my values.

I’d like to tell you more about my recent “discoveries”-not that I haven’t thought about these topics before.

Ethics is something that I never got into much but I am constantly struggling with right and wrong.

This is more like an inner struggle, I sure know what is right, there is this law and everything. But I am fascinated by looking at the other side of the coin.


Who gets to decide what is right? The bible? Your mother? The Government? The terrorists?


Seriously, I don’t like to write about this… So let’s think about killing another person.

Murder is considered a crime all over the world. Yet we have exceptions, like war. You get to kill as many as you can and it is awesome. Who justifies that? Not that I always like to use USA as an example but it is the easiest example. I don’t get involved with politics, religion nor do I watch news, but I have heard them talk about “God” often.

Now… Is there a God, and if there is, would they REALLY be ok with killing others?  This conversation can go a lot further in my head but I will leave it at that, I definitely don’t want to go to religion here, not the point.

Ethics is hard. Who really has the power to decide?

Evolution, other species, ecology…

These were some of the topics obviously, I started to think about bigger questions again. Now before I write more, these are just THOUGHTS and I am trying to inspire you to think, this is NOT a true representation of my opinions.

Ok, here we go. So in nature the strongest survive. Weak individuals either die for disease or they get eaten by predators.

This is how the gene pool is slowly adapting to the surroundings and nature’s selection is working its magic. It is TYPICAL for animals to abandon the weak ones. We do the opposite, in a way. Well this obviously doesn’t apply to all the people and all the countries but because we are capable of empathy we also take care of the weak ones.

A common value in the western world and perhaps the rest of the world seems to be equality. Everyone has the right to be alive, live, have their opinions and have the chance to practise their religion etc.

We use a lot of effort to please the majority, however who decided that majority has the right?

The majority, I suppose. But what would happen, evolutionary, if we stopped healthcare, closed up hospitals and trained ourselves to be less attached emotionally. There are so many questions in my head!

There was this documentary “Life According to Sam” that I watched and cried my eyes out, and then after watching it I googled if the guy is still alive only to find out he died 2 weeks before. So I cried more. Then I started thinking how much money goes into research, healthcare, medication…not only money but effort.

Wouldn’t it be easier (I AM NOT SAYING THAT IT WOULD BE RIGHT) if we just allowed sick and weak people either die or survive? No institutions. It would be a loss for the family but it could mean that our species would grow stronger. There is a point when nature is not able to carry and provide for all of us and something horrible is going to happen, this is a law of nature and nothing we can do to stop that, there is no voting.
I know these are horrible suggestions, but all of this will help you to define your own values.

Another topic is substances like alcohol and drugs. If we would stop providing for them, what would happen?

Ok, this can go so many ways but there are several solutions. I believe the crime rate would rise, for a while and certain areas would be more dangerous than others, but in the end, there would be no more drugs. I am quite sure they would be taken care of by the nature. But there is a catch, they are also equal to us, they just have been through bad times, they might have been abandoned and none of this was their own choice.

They might not know any better. How could we just let them be? What about their families? Their loved ones, who care, how would they handle these decisions?

Empathy is what makes us different from other animals, along with our intelligence… I will stop giving you the examples now, the point was that WHAT IF and then trying to predict what would happen. More than likely the competition would just grow from what it is now and we would all vanish.

I trust in evolution and evolution has empowered us with all of what has happened so far. It has given us the intelligence and the emotions. This is exactly how it is supposed to be.


Evolution loves to test things out and we happen to be a part of this test.


I believe it is very important to question my own morale.

I can grow as a person and be happier. I am questioning the importance of that, too. I am questioning if I am a good person. I believe that thinking globally is important, too, but we can only make a difference by being individuals. I try not to regret but to learn. What is the purpose of my life?

I am just one person, trying to make the world better but why do I have this urge to do so?

I believe that everyone has the right to choose their own purpose. Everyone has the right to live their life the way they choose and if it means harming others, that is their choice. I would not choose that, but that is me. I can not judge, but I still keep doing that. That is being human, I guess. I want to be kind, caring, inspiring and unselfish but I keep finding myself in situations where I am none of these things. I love and hate competition, it makes me feel bad about myself when I want to win and I might notice some radical change in my behaviour, a change I don’t approve or like. It gets confusing and really deep, sometimes it is even painful to question myself so much but I guess I will be doing it for the rest of my life.

In the end, does it matter if we have a morale, if we question anything at all? I could ask does it matter if we ask that question? It does and it doesn’t. I, personally want to be a better person and I want to do good things. I also want to set goals and achieve them in a measurable way. Because it drives me, it makes me feel. I want to be good but I know I need to fail at times. Life is a lot more interesting when I feel, when I have competition and when I have empathy. I love feeling good, being happy. I love LOVE. I don’t know for sure what is the purpose of my life but I am going to make it suitable for me, because I can. I can choose my own purpose.



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