Rain- More than just a Natural Phenomena. 

Author : Aastha Jain
As I walk by this pathway, I watch these tiny droplets fall. Rain! The most mesmerising experience I’ve experienced in my short life on this earth.

It gives me hope for a new start. A promise that all my pain, faults, mistakes and regrets are going to be washed away like a brand new slate. I feel like I’m a part of something big. The smell of the wet sand, the smell of something new. It’s the cologne I could wear my whole life if asked to do so.

Rain makes me ponder over things that I would easily ignore all my life. It makes me want to have faith. It makes me want to believe. Believe that even if my life is a mess, it’s okay because it’s not over yet. It tells me that there is that someone looking over me from the above. That I am taken care of, that I am not alone.

Each droplet tells me to count my blessings. The lightning shows me that little ray of hope in the dark clouds. The thunder is my cue to a new start. The little puddles are the challenges life presented me with. Some I stepped into, some I carefully escaped. Each representing a new lesson learnt. These puddles got me where I am today, how I am today.

 Dirty and messy, but happy. Looking around , I saw that everyone was dirty and messy but happy. All proud of how dirty and messy we were, our stains showing the battles we fought and won, lessons we learnt. And most importantly, telling each other that we all are a little hurt and it’s okay.

The rain tells me that everything is going to be fine. There are going be scorching mornings and chilly nights. There is going to be a time when all hopes are going to dry away and fall.

It’ll all look dead. But then, eventually, there’ll be rain. It will give you the wet sand, the droplets, the lightning, the thunder and most importantly the puddles.


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  1. Shivani says:

    Just loved the thoughts in the article


    1. Thank you xx keep following, hope you continue to enjoy the page!

      Liked by 1 person

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