In It to Win It.

Author : Aastha Jain
Once in a lifetime, we come across a situation which we have imagined for so long that we no longer know if it’s true or deception.

Just a moment before that moment comes a moment, which changes priorities. It’s that one fleeting moment which has the power to change everything. You can either choose to go on or comfortably go back to your life; as it was. It requires immense courage to go on, while backing off takes nothing; maybe why most of us choose to go with the latter.

Perhaps it’s the fear that stops you from reaching the finishing line.

The fear that as soon as you are the closest to finally finishing your race, the closest you’ve ever been, when finally you can actually smell freedom, there will be that someone, like all the other times, to pull you back and put you to where you started, again. And then all the pain, all the sufferings and sacrifices will result in nothing, yet again.

So now, you lie down and think about giving up. You wonder how would it be like to give in to the temptation, to not be running away all the time.

But then you remember that you’ve been there too. You once surrendered to the temptations too. It occurs to you that it was not worth it. Giving in is far worse than resisting it. Why does giving up has to be so easy?

But no, you’re going to take the higher road, The road less travelled. So you get up, put on your shoes and get ready for yet another race. This time to win it.


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