Hiking for a Healthy Life

Author – Oohini Mukhopadhyay
 Regulating a healthy life is like a quest these days. It has become the crux of a highly over ambitious and stressful world to lead a neglected lifestyle. Where everything is interlinked, there is a huge polarization in the society that is the causality of the lifestyle that have been imbibed to generations after generations. Not only is it affecting the lives of human beings but it is the environment that is paying a price too. There are few major measures that at this crucial point need to be followed for personal health, then only will it increase cognition and help taking initiative to contribute to the betterment of the environmental health as well.

Following a Proper Diet


 Repeatedly, it is told to maintain a proper diet which is conveniently taken for granted as no such immediate health issues are faced due to imbalances in food habits in general but it is a fact that it does lead to infinite problems. Therefore, reducing the outside junk and garbage, refusing carbonated drinks, packaged food, tinned fruits and vegetables. Choosing the correct oil, maintaining a proper three meal day and in between snacks mostly fruits, or nuts or nutritional biscuits is a must.

Lead a Stress-Free Life


 It is actually very easy to state facts than live. True, very true, but if people will not state then there will be a no way situation for even looking up to the right mode of life. So yes, stress is very much a part of the life of even a child these days but there is a way to cope with it. There are always ways yet untraversed and criticized. Exercising, burning calories, fat sweating not only keeps you physically fit but also mentally strong and effective. Completely negating alchohol consumption and nicotine intake. In the need to become independent economically, you develop a dependency on these harmful substances.

Hygiene and Sanitation


 This is a requirement that is essential at the core level in this country. Where government initiatives are not the sole consideration, it is the awareness of the people which accounts. Proper sanitation is the root to a healthy life.

Consulting Specialists


Taking everything in your own hand is a very big risk. Especially when it is about health. No body better than a doctor, nutritionist, a trainer can advice you about the right and wrong, never ever decide for your body without considering facts.

Isolate Technology to a certain level

This is the cancer of modern lives. It eats up the lives of animals, natural environment, and of course human beings. Gone are the days when there were colorful plumes found scattered all over the roads, but it is a matter to be thought about, that is it actually the municipality that is working hard to clean the roads or there is actually something wrong with our environment that is collapsing.


Very much is everything inter related and needs to be taken care. All the surroundings, everything. At the very grass root, it is awareness and knowledge about a betterment which needs to be made prior to anything and everything else. If everybody develops a collinear sustainable sense of living, nobody shall be harmed and a healthy life is bound to establish for the flora, fauna and humans. And it can never be attained if procrastination isn’t given up. It should all start today itself.



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