Feminism, Not Anarchy : Why some people are distorting the concept 

Author : Aastha Jain


Like the thousands living in our city, I travel in the metro every day. I board the 7:30 train from Jahangirpuri metro station going towards Kashmiri Gate. It’s state is different from the usual 8:30 metros, people flooding in torrents to make it to their offices by 9 o’ clock.
Entering through the women’s coach, as I walk towards the general coaches, what I see is downright distressing. Apart from the luxurious disposition of a coach entirely for the “women and physically challenged,” there are sixteen seats in each of the general coaches reserved for the same. Men, who come early to fetch a seat in the crowded metro, also carrying their bags, heavy or not, are very conveniently asked to leave their seats by the women travellers just because those are “reserved” for them.
The sole reason for writing this is to put the light on the idea of feminism, which demands EQUAL rights for both the sexes. My concern and also my question here is, when did we become so biased and hypocrite? For the mere physical ease of few minutes, that too, at the hour of 8 in the morning, is we ready to become the inferior one who so desperately needs a seat that they would go on to rob away someone else’s comfort. Also, the person asked to leave the comfort must always do so adhering by the seat reservations for the women along with the seats reserved for the differently-abled people.

Barely stating the fact, my concern is that a man can very much need a seat more than a woman does. However, why a woman needs a reserved seat, if she’s not pregnant or hurt, is beyond the understanding of my mental capacity.
I’ve shared my concern with people around me, some who share the same intellect level with me. It was then one of my feminist friends said, “It is fine if women for once have a perk after all that we’ve been through”.
Yes, it has taken generations and generations of feminists to take women where we are today. But that does not give us the liberty to relax and bend the rules according to our convenience.

We often wonder why men are so resistant to the idea of feminism. The answer is that they fear the absolute control of women, like we fear the absolute control of men.

We cannot ask for equal rights and at the same time ask for privileges as well.



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