Annoying Social Media Habits: Time to grow up!

Author -Anvita Bhandari

With everyone using the social media to the fullest these days, we have a lot many people who annoy us to the bits through their weird habits on social media. Such people are not as annoying in person, but for some reason, they behave in a very peculiar way on the social media that kind of irritates us. All of us would definitely have the following kinds of people on our lists who we would instantly relate to, while reading :

  1. The Holiday Album


So this winter, I planned a getaway for myself and I’m going to update you with every minute of my trip, the travel diaries, the food, the stay, the people, the ootd’s, one to all. Why? Why do you think people would want to see all the 10 versions of your selfie where you look exactly the same? Or maybe the minute details of your hotel room which are pretty insignificant?

Okay, so here’s a tip, just because your ‘smart’ phones are capable enough to upload dozens of pictures in one go, doesn’t mean that it necessarily needs to be done. Nobody likes to go through an album of 206 irrelevant pictures on their feeds.

  1. Expressive Much???!!!!


Today is probably the best day of your life. Maybe you’ve achieved the supreme goal of your life and have realised the reason of your existence in this world and all your dreams have been fulfilled and you’re so happy that you want the whole world to know this. But wait, have you ever tried reading such texts, tweets or updates a week later? Chances are that you’re going to sound like a super-excited-hyper-kid who just discovered exclamations and emoticons. That explains it all.

  1. Contractions. “Evrywhr”

You Have To Stop Texting Me

We might just tolerate OMG, IDK, IDC and FML, but when it comes to texts that read, “Hy, sup? Ny plans 4 2nite?”, we just can’t figure out what great achievements did you make by saving those two seconds? The phase of short forms for every single word is clearly gone, long gone. This kind of language not only looks absurd but also creates an impression that you’re lazy, least interested and also, unprofessional. The biggest blunder you can do is to use them in formal texts or mails or publically, on social media.

  1. #The Hashtag


Have you ever wondered why the hashtag was created? It was created by people to discuss specific topics, issues, events and trends like #barcamp or #tbt and not to write down captions like: #Me #with #my #girls #at #the #cafe #fun #food #water #air #loadsofcrap

How do you expect people to read the whole caption with so many irrelevant hashtags in it? The basic rule is that you just cannot hashtag everything. The only advice that’s required here is to use them wisely!

  1. The SnapTexters

Moving onto Snapchat, I’m sure you all must have done this some time, but it becomes very annoying when someone starts doing that regularly. And what is that thing? Texting on Snapchat! So why is that application even named Snapchat? To let people communicate through snaps! If you cannot do that, we would suggest you to switch back to other text messaging mediums which are particularly made for that very purpose. But texting snap chatters is a big no!

  1. One. Line. Text. Messages

double text

When you’re busy in a meeting or getting late for college and don’t have time to check your mobiles, you generally just let it keep buzzing. But when it starts buzzing after every 2 seconds, and goes on, and continuously on, does that not annoy you? That’s probably just one of your friends texting you. One word at a time.

If we ever get a chance to choose the most annoying habit, we would definitely choose this one. This is undoubtedly the best way to annoy a person: flooding his phone by sending uncountable text messages with one single word in each one of them.


The list definitely doesn’t end here. There are numerous other habits which annoy different people differently, for example, flooding a friend’s cute picture with a silly conversation or uploading 100 snaps in a day where 50 of them look just the same or being tagged in the ugliest picture. Make sure you find a safe way to escape them!


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