A Date with Nivrity Das : The face of Body Positivity in India! 

In this day and age, where there are set notions of “beauty” prescribed to women and their conformity of fitting a certain size being a prerequisite for being eye candy, comes Nivrity Das – the woman who took social media by storm with her reclaiming of what curvy means, and why curvy women do it best! 

Lovingly called “Celfie Queen” by her ever growing legion of fans, this head strong woman is more than just a blogger. Currently pursuing her B.Tech 4th year in Electronics and communication engineering, she’s also placed in Tata Consultancy Services as an assistant software engineer. 

Talking about achievements, she believes in setting her goals right and apart from being a successful blogger, she hopes to see herself as a good software engineer as well in the years ahead. 

So much for a beauty with brains! 

Find out what she has to say about curves, body shaming, blogging and success! 


1. You are the face of body positivity in India. You go girl! How was the journey for you? 

Well this is Nivrity. I’m a fashion/lifestyle blogger from the city of joy, Kolkata. 

I have forever been a fashion enthusiast and was always appreciated for my style, fashion tips and elegance. This had led me to open my very own fashion blog. Being a blogger is surely not an easy job and the love and appreciation I have received in these few months of blogging is absolutely incredible. 

Yes, I am very much confident of my body type and I believe being curvy and voluptuous is very actually sexy and not a feeling to be look down upon. 
2. What inspired you to take up curvy fashion as the crux of your blogging career?

It’s not that I have taken curvy fashion as the crux of my blogging. I totally believe in the fact that I can carry myself very well and my style is surely loved by many girls who look upto me. 

This is the only strength which has led me to try different looks and bring out the fashionista in me. I believe in confidence and as long as we can carry ourselves the way we are, every woman is beautiful.
3. Didn’t you have second thoughts considering the tough beauty standards Indian men have set for women? Every curvy woman is told to hit the gym and what not. Any comments?

Well yes men generally want their women to look the best but a man who loves her lady truly will be proud of what she is and not feel ashamed of her body type as long as she feels confident and beautiful of what she is. 

Personally keeping oneself fit is quite important not always to look slim but just to maintain oneself of what we are. Personally speaking I don’t really think that only being slim is not the proper definition of beauty standards, one has to have a beautiful heart as well.
4. Any negativity that you faced?


We all face a lot of negativity when we are presenting ourselves on a social platform. When the negativity is in a versatile manner, I appreciate that and definitely try myself to improve in that field but when it’s mere hatred or people passing negative comments unnecessarily, I completely ignore them because we all know haters gonna hate! 
5. Describe yourself in 5 words.


Well I would like to describe myself as :

Attractive, Cute, Beautiful, Sexy & Charming. 
6. What according to you, is “sexy”?


 I personally believe that the charm within a person brings out the real meaning of sexy. Being charming and so loved by everyone is that one trait which I believe I have it in me.
7. Your fitness mantra is?


Well, my fitness mantra would be to eat healthy, stay active, do some exercise and keep positive thoughts in your minds. 
8. Do you believe blogging is a depreciating industry considering every other girl is into it?


Well yes, sometimes I do think that blogging is now turning into a depreciating industry because every other girl turns into a blogger no matter how bad she writes. I think brands should be aware of the real hard working bloggers in this field and not get deceived by anyone and everyone.
9. A shout out to your audience!


Today whatever I am it’s because of the love and appreciation I have received from you guys out there. You all are amazing and I love you all. 


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