10 Things Every Dog Owner Can Relate To! 

Author : Devshree Pareek

Don’t we just love them two million much? Here are 10 things every dog owner can relate to.

1. You feel as if they understand you. And when you’re sad & look into their eyes you get a feeling of belongingness which is unexplainable. 



2. They annoy you sometimes so much that you shout on them and they react as if they’ve got a break-up. They become your angry girlfriends who wouldn’t settle for anything less than lots of kisses and hugs. And if you’ve got a bitch, God be with you. Haha.


3. Those funny looks they give you when they are hiding something from you.

4. Meeting them after a day or two would fill them with joy and you, with lots of saliva. 


5. Morning walks are fun till they’re pups. As they grow up, they get out of control. You fear of being dragged all the way to home.


6. Waging their tail and running towards you is probably what sets your mood right in a jiffy. 

7. When they see you going out in a car. Those eyes ‘you won’t take me with you’. Oh no. 

8. When you ask them to do something & they insult you infront of the guests. That feeling is so good, right?


9. Sleeping on the edge of the bed seems to be fun, doesn’t it? 


10. Of all the things they do, don’t you just love them way too much? You can’t go without them a single day they’re like your children, highly pampered.


 Always happy to eat. Love to sleep. And ever ready to repeat.


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