Your Retreat from The Commotion of Quotidian Life : The Common Room, Rajouri! 


Swaraj Singhi, Saumya Chandel, Mansi Ahuja & Me!


Imagine the charms of the rustic countryside with a live band playing, an atmosphere that morphs everything contemporary and quirky and wraps it up with a “homely” feel.. and yes, you’re imagining this place.
The common room, Rajouri Garden is the travelling mind’s treat to the idea of stability, where wanderlust combines with chatting up, stopping and taking time off to catch up, hog on some finger licking good food (Don’t miss out the Raaste Ke Omlette on the menu) and the God of Beer (yes, they serve 14 varieties!) bestowing undying grace upon you. We bring to you a review of the place that redefines armchair comfort and great food at unbelievable prices!
Food and Drink : Coming to the Food, we absolutely loved how the menu was designed, featuring “North Campus Ka Pasta” and BatMan cheesecake. We ordered Nachos, Chicken Pizza, a larger-than-life Paan flavoured Hukkah and a Mezze Platter. I felt the Lebanese was authentic and a pinch of spice was added to the felafels to serve the Indian audiences with a thing for spice. This place is the Mecca for non-vegetarians, enjoy feasting on the best omelettes in Delhi and Keema-Pav.

It satiates a non-vegetarian to the core, but does deliver on the vegan front too. Although, we feel the vegetarian options need some more push.

The Common Room specially works on food presentation to give the place a very cozy feel. So, if you’re ordering a strawberry cooler, brace yourself for a jar of goodness. If you got a sweet tooth, don’t miss out on the Batman themed deserts! Again, an ode to efficient presentation.

Though, the restaurant could work on desert portions (who doesn’t like a bit MORE of caramel?!)

Come Oktoberfest and Delhi is abuzz with Beergasms making the rounds. This place takes the love for beer to the highest spot there is! From Kingfisher to Fosters, there’s a huge variety of beers to choose from and if you want to booze till you snooze, we recommend the Sangria and Fruit fused Mocktails (no, don’t go on the name. They’ve been very generous here too, adding your favourite white wine to simmer coolers!)

Customer Satisfaction : The staff is amicable and easily accessible, and if you go in large groups, chances are your order takes shorter than usual!

The head-chef is very experimental with his choices, as we see the menu has some really avant garde names! A thumbs up to the place for venturing into something new. The place looks neat for something that only came into operation days ago.

Services that leave a fond memory : The Common Room makes its mark towards the end, when you’re leaving. They ensure a life sized smile on your face by capturing candid moments of you, and printing them for you to freeze time! Sweet, isn’t it?

And what more, every table gets a collection of candid pictures, for absolutely free!

What you must not miss : Mocktails, Oreo Shakes, Caramel Cold Coffee and Pasta Arabiatta among our hot favourite, Keema Pav & Onion Rings.

Final Verdict : We give the place a 4.5/5 rating!

The ideal place for a date with your SO, especially if they’re into reading as this place offers a wide library to pick from. On the whole, this place is the best pick from among the newer wave of restaurants that target the youth in the West of Delhi that loves to chill at a place where you get the best of both worlds, and the common room, gives you the best of ALL worlds with its old attic room feel, a live band that mixes sadda Bollywood with videsi tunes and gives you a live Coke Studio experience, posters that make you ROFL, multi-cuisine menu and an open smokers balcony place. Now we get the concept behind the casual name the restaurant and lounge adheres by. It indeed, is a Common Room, for whatever you wish to do, they give you an avenue. (Wow, that rhymed. ) Go feast! Team Million Thoughts wishes them all the success.


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