The Unusual Vacation Spot in The Heart Of India 

Author : Aastha Dayal.

Vacation hassle? Go Gokarna!

A great person once said, “The world is a book and those who don’t travel, have only read a page of it”.



This appears to be a simple quotation but is scathingly true for us humans. During the worst of times, travel helps us rediscover our calling in life, fuses us with zeal, elevates us from a mired swampy lifestyle into one of an aesthete.

The hardest of souls, are known to lose their hedged stone coverings and mellow down once visited many a strange lands.


Traveling is more than fun and better than vacations; it is a combination of both. Most of us have our favorites, some like the hills, for a typical Ye Jawaani Hai Dewaani feel, others like the beach.

While in India, we have amazing hill stations like Shimla and Mussorrie, that attract tourists from around the globe each year, but scarce do we know that we have some of the best beaches in remote areas too and no, Goa is not the only one.



Little do people know about a small, isolated town, some 140 kilometers from Goa, called Gokarna. In this feature we take you on a tour of this holy land, full of delicate, gossamer stopovers and heavenly beaches!


Historically known for the temples, the town boasts of some of the best beaches. The drive up the winding path to Gokarna is scenic due to the Western Ghats on one side and Arabian Sea on the other. Not only is it scenic but it is spiritually and culturally vibrant too. Having praised it enough, it would be better if you decide for yourself, so here are some must visits when in Gokarna.


Half Moon Beach 


 After trekking through the forest, while viewing the wide sea, you reach the most isolated beach one can imagine. Shaped like a half moon, this beach appears to be straight out of a Hollywood set.


Traveller Tip : Have a knack for camping? Take your backpacks up the half moon!


Paradise Beach 

The name speaks for itself. Living up to its name, the beach is one of the few white sand beaches of India lined with rows and rows of Coconut trees.


Traveller Tip : Looking for a romantic getaway? Gokarna won’t cost you as heavily as Mauritius and the place will remind you of some of the best sights at Langkawi.



Om Beach 


 Remember we told you Gokarna is a revered holy land? In Hindu mythology, Shiva, the destroyer, Brahma, the creator and Vishnu, the preserver, pay their homage to one symbol of energy and divinity- OM. Having a beach shaped like a religious symbol is a sight in itself but the icing on the cake are the water sports that this beach is equally famous for.


Traveller Tip : Along with the Jet skiing and gliding, hire yourself a local tour guide for as low as ₹200 and bask in the divine past of this place.
Moran Fort


On the top of the Western Ghats, in the middle of fields, stands the Mirjan fort. The beauty of the fort can be felt from the minute you enter it. A delight for very history lover and a good change from the beaches. It is the right mix of history and nature.


Traveller Tip : This fort has seen the end of an era and the rupture of many civilisations. Ibn Batuta, the most widely noted historical traveller dates this fort back to the 11th Century. It was made by the Nawayath Sultanate and later, captured by the Vijayanagara Empire.



Dudhsagar Falls


Where will you find so many natural or manmade wonders, all in one place? Well, the answer can only be Gokarna. If only the beaches, hills and forts were not enough, we also have the famous Dudhsagar falls a drive away from this town.


Traveller Tip : Book a train ride across the Goa-Karnataka route to underpass this natural marvel and feel the droplets hit your face!




Mahabaleshwar Temple

When you are done with all the beaches and falls and hills, there is a small beautiful temple which will not only give you spiritual attainment but leave you in awe because of it’s beauty and magnificence.


Traveller Tip : This is one of the most blessed lands to set foot in. Consider yourself under divine sight and immensely blessed.


Aren’t all these places fascinating enough in the photos?


Imagine how breathtaking these places will be in reality.

Gokarna is the lost gem, which did not exist for most. While we flocked Goa, some hours away lied a place which was a cheap and better version of it. Being the right blend of nature, fun and religion it’s high time you take out your calendars and mark this place on your travel maps!


Thank us later! Your total cost for a 4 day Gokarna trip would be less than ₹5000. Need more reasons?



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