The Evolution of the Indian Society – Apes, are We?

Author : Saniya Zehra


“And what is the life of this world, but goods and chattels of deception?” – Qur’an (57:20)


We’ve learned to eat with spoons and chopsticks, but our women still eat after serving the men. We’ve embraced the western clothes, but continue to be judged when dressed in a skirt. Our tastes have become continental; our manners with the waiters remain the same. We’ve learned the English language, so humiliate the ones who speak in Hindi.

We’ve been living in the gruesome irony of our own deeds. Copying from the west, we’ve lost our own logics and reasons. Worse, we are not ready for the changes that are good. Concerned only in modernizing our exteriors, we have forgotten to work on our characters. We’re ever so ready to adapt the foreign lifestyles. What happens when the issues like gender equality and homosexual rights are raised? Then, the primitive traditions can’t be let go of because that would muddle up the very convenient ways in which the citizens of our country chose to live. Sad!

The culture of a country is potent. It gives and takes from all the other countries it interacts with, which has increased after globalization. We’re all building new ways of living where we’re learning from others as well as retaining some of our own culture too. The crisis lies when things like Khap Panchayat culture is perpetuated in exchange of morality. Why can’t we emulate all that’s better? Like, treating our women equally, may be?

It’s always a welcome change to blend with new cultures and lifestyles. However, blindly aping something is ineffectual and dangerous. We’ve a hundred year old culture, which needs to learn to modify itself according to the present. We need to learn to absorb the better while giving up the unnecessary and illogical. This way, there’s always a scope for growth.


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