Scaling up the inches with Yoga! 

You know you need to gain height when you’re 25 and still asked for ID before entering a pub & “Mummy ko bolo complan pilaaye” has literally ruined childhood for you.
Life is categorically unfair when all your friends are 5″7 and above and still wear 4 inch heels.

Tried everything? From pills to uncomfortable heels.. Just to match up?

Not too blessed with the inches?

We’re here to help!
When all else fails, enter our age old mantra, Yoga. Yoga is not only about losing weight as opposed to the common notion, it has a slurry of other avid benefits. It cleanses our body and rids it of all the toxins which come as a by-product of living in sync with the hues of metropolitan life, thus flushing out the chemicals and dirt from our system. Also, it has been a lifesaver for people who need to gain height. We bring to 3 easy hacks you need in order to achieve it.

First of all, if you want Yoga to work, there are some necessary lifestyle shifts you need to start following,
1. Work on your Sleep pattern

As strange as it may sound, there is a connection between sleep and the physical growth of your body. So cut back on your late nights and start getting a doze of your beauty sleep.

Starting off with yoga, you will feel the desire to sleep & happily do away with insomnia.
2. Stress is the enemy

Even though height is determined by genetic factors largely, stress does play an important role in triggering proper physical growth. Practise Deep breathing as an antidote for stress.
3. Watch your food! 

Ask your kids to avoid too much junk or aerated drinks. They are zero on the nutritional content and only stimulate addiction, playing with your digestive system and overall body functioning.



The Diet.

No, do not illusion yourself with the idea that ‘all diets are about starvation’ because they’re not! A diet plan simply involves smart eating. If you’re trying to gain height, the following should be on your plate
-fresh fruits

-green leafy vegetables

-cow’s milk

-green leafy vegetables

-avoid drinks with preservatives

-avoid packaged food like chips, maggi, pasta etc.

-drink 9+ glasses of water

-replace cooking oil with olive oil.

The Real Deal 

With the stage set and your lifestyle & diet in balance, try out the following exercises as stated by India’s leading holistic guru, Mickey Mehta.
Bhujangasan: Lie on the floor with palms on the floor under the shoulders. Inhale and slowly arch to the spine, breathe slowly for a few seconds. Return to original position and repeat.

Cat –camel stretch: Come on the hands and knees shoulder width apart. Inhale and flex your spine down and bring your head up. Exhale as you flex your spine up in an arched position with your head down. Keep your arms straight. Repeat 4-5 times.

Tadasan: Stand erect and raise your hand up as high as you can. Come up on your toes, stay in this position for 10 seconds. Now slowly walk across the room on your toes while maintaining your posture. This Is an effective and one of the best possible yoga style that tones and develops the muscles that support the spine leading to height increase.

Trikonasana or triangle pose helps in improving your balance and improves posture. Stand keeping your legs 3 to 4 feet apart and your feet parallel to each other.

Raise your hands while keeping it at a straight line with your shoulders.

Bending towards your right side, touch the toes of your right leg with the fingers of your right hand. You can also try touching the toes of your right leg with your left hand fingers.

Raising your left hand towards the ceiling, look up towards your left hand.

Hold this position for a minute and repeat this procedure on the right side.


Remember, it is also important to learn breathing exercises or pranayam to add value in terms of improved concentration, self esteem, alertness and self confidence. Yoga can be practised by anybody under competent guidance.

A last word for all the people struggling with height issues, “Be physically fit, eat well to keep your organs functioning well to stimulate growth. With time and proper implementation of regular exercises or games or yoga with smart food and lifestyle choices will boost your height increasing efforts. Proper implementation of such foods and combination of yoga style exercises stimulates growth, not only in height but in stature too besides helping to promote tone, strength, stamina and flexibility in children.”, by Mickey Mehta.

More of his advice and related work can be found on
However, remember there is no straitjacket shortcut when it comes to physical growth of our body. You need to give it time to notice changes. 


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