Locale Café: A resonant room for all in the hub of Saket, New Delhi!

Author : Oohini Mukhopadhyay

Photographs By : Mrinalini MN 

In one of the craziest and most chic hubs of Delhi, Saket, a bud has blossomed with a juvenile motive which is to spread smiles. The Locale Café, at the heart of the PVR market stands as a totally distinct and purely fresh in its attempts. Born just 3 weeks back, the café effortlessly absorbs the flavours of Delhi and makes the air quite cosmopolitan and accommodative. It rears not just a certain sense of positivity but also renders to a very simple understanding of comfort and solitariness. The spacious double storied restro- bar makes a pleasing impact with its ambience and interiors which absolutely deserves applause at first hands. Topping it all, this is not at all restricted in its food flattery as serves multicuisine plates and is not at all water tight with recipes.

The Breathtaking Walls

One word to describe the interiors is fascinating. An admirer of art would understand it doesn’t take much to create a masterpiece, merely a thought. The brick walls and the colourful walls well-coordinated with astonishing disjunctions and bohemian feelings to the artistry crafts an oblivious environment and is bound to hypnotize one. The customer satisfaction as its main agenda, the verandah is made completely ventilated and pro-environment.

One of the walls is dedicated to the antics and made a powerful display of enchanting goods that might be the interest for many who love to be on the other side of the camera. If looked carefully it is the most stunning wall one would encounter with rusted iron presses, old telephones, several books, one broken and isolated typewriter, lamps and so many more which could easily inspire one to turn to poetry and realize the value and charm of the antiquity.

The “Firsts” on the Feast!




A strong flavoursome soup that clubs a lot of elements within it. Not very comfortable to adjust the taste buds to, but totally reasonable in terms of a powerful mix of herbs and mushroom with boiled chicken chunks.


If one wants to make a safe attempt and is aware of certain treatments of soups shall definitely try this. It is as conventional as the nomenclature goes and is one of the purest ones to rely on.

HIGHLIGHT: The crispy garlic breads topped with chili flakes which are meant to serve as a contrast to the monotony of the soup surping. Right amount of everything that could make a proper balance.


Coated with cheese an exotic vegetables like jalapeños and bell peppers teamed with onions and tomatoes, neither very spicy nor very dry. It becomes a wanted appetizer in terms of crispy solid chips.

HIGHLIGHT: WATER CHESTNUT SPRING ROLLS and MUSHROOM CORN CIGARS are some vegetarian starters highly recommended and proper recipes with positive experimentation and worth expectations.


The ultimate blend of a fruit and mutton! Quite unimaginable, yet a success not just at the taste but also at the presentation. Beautifully plated, a prowess of the chef’s imaginary skills to provide a really unique and tropical dish with a fresh cucumber, iceberg lettuce and radish salad truly complementing it. Tender mutton and juicy bites, relax the senses and makes one its captive.


A Breather with Mock tails, Cocktails and Shakes


 The Tall Island

A cocktail that spins the head with a strong alcohol base of Bacardi, Old Monk and gin jerked vigorously with pineapple juice and blended in a coconut base. It might not be a soother for many but quite refreshing as an individual drink. Stands tall in its claims!

The Purple Shadow

A mock tail which pleases the sight with a string of colours and refreshing vibe. This one is a mix of lemonade, cranberry, raspberry and mint with chunks of kinu ( a seasonal fruit, alternative to oranges). A shimmering fresh tinge of sourness that cleanses the mouth if complemented with the major dishes.

The Shakes:

One of the best things available among many such are the Oreo Shake and the Mars Shake. Milky and sweet, redefining childhood, it brings a proper understanding of a good milk based drink and is a favourite of the masses.


A variety of cuisines, from Indian to Italian, Chinese to Continental, Lebanese to South Asian. Name it and you will find it on the menu. The sole reason why one can never be used to the place or get a taste of the service, it is always on the verge with variety and improvisation at its heart.

The most recommended among Chinese shall be Stir Fried Szechwan Chicken with Bamboo shoots and Garlic Fried rice. In continental it is, Exotic vegetables with Basil and Chili coat served with Garlic Fried rice.

The Best:

Peri Peri Grilled Chicken in spicy Tomato Broth and garlic Butter rice

A classified dish of the café, makes a signature with this delicacy. It is perfectly combined and cater to the specifications of cooking making a dish complete and “called for”.



It is worth giving a try but is not very effective in the way it should be. Something like the coffee intrinsic to this desert lacks a dominance and is overpowered with cream.


Authentic favourite and a pure sweet that can never disappoint even a depressed person. Very much cliché , however in some cases clichés work wonders.

All in all, this one proves to be a 9/10 and makes a mark in the absent “peppy” theme that Saket loses out on. The strength lies in their flexibility and a look out for improvement as well as in its variety which many fail to attempt or succeed.



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