Krishna Shroff’s Kairos, Uncensored & Uncut! 

It started as a normal day, sipping my cup of coffee and then, something phenomenal happened. How many times does your phone ping with a celebrity’s message? Inscrutable feelings and anxiety combined, I was super privileged to cover a star kid.

We’d all expect velvet beds, sprawling bungalows, a fleet of luxury cars and hosts of tantrums when it comes to star kids. But, meet Krishna Shroff, and all of those stereotypes repudiate.
A headstrong woman, career oriented and extremely driven to go the extra mile in life, extremely down to earth with no airs about the weight her surname carries, talented beyond bounds, the Associate Producer to an award winning, internationally acclaimed documentary and the girl with a million dollar smile, that’s Krishna for you.
Krishna Shroff, is the daughter of the magnum opus of Indian cinema, Mr. Jackie Shroff, who, in his career spanning decades has proven his acting prowess to the world and now, taking the legacy forward, we have Tiger Shroff acing the cinematic diorama with his gifted genes and superb dancing skills. It runs in the family we suppose!
Join us for a tete-a-tete with social media’s favourite star kid, Krishna Shroff.
1. Being part of a family that’s renown to have carved a strong niche for itself in Bollywood, how far do you feel the pressure of carrying the legacy one step ahead?
Honestly, I feel 0 pressure. That’s mainly because the most important people to me (dad, mom, and Tiger) put no pressure on me when it comes to this. My parents have always been extremely open minded when it comes to my brother and I; therefore, they’ve always pushed us to go for what we’re truly passionate about, and for this, I am ever grateful. I’ve chosen a completely different path after experimenting a little bit with filmmaking. Sports have always been my main passion, and I’m extremely lucky to be able to coach basketball and play it as well while doing so. It keeps me happy, healthy, and fit, and I couldn’t ask for anything more.
2. These days, Bollywood scripts have dilapidated to mere marketing gimmicks. In times like these, where numbers do the talking, you went the road less taken with your documentary – Black Sheep. How was the journey? 
I chose to steer in that direction mainly because the concept of documentaries is to show audiences the truth. Its sense of reality strongly appealed to me. Bollywood is great, and it’s given my family so much, but it just doesn’t fit my personality. The entire journey of Black Sheep was unbelievable. I learned so much about myself throughout the 2-year process, and it definitely helped me grow as a person. Going through what we went through while filming really made me appreciate and value everything I have to a whole new level.
3. You’ve been a hot favourite on Instagram. One new upload, and millions are ensorcelled! How do you cope with constantly being in the limelight, and being subject to a sporadic foment no matter what you do? 
I don’t really give it much thought. I’m not huge on social media, and the only platform I have is Instagram. I prefer Instagram because it’s much more private. It’s just a fun way to share interesting and beautiful photographs without having to document your entire life, and since I’m a very private person, I love that about it. Other than that, I love keeping Tiger’s supporters updated on what’s going on with him.
4. Now that we’re talking Instagram, an image of yours created quite a furore, and your dad was questioned regarding it. What do you have to say to the infamous episode? 
I laugh. I’ve already said everything I had to say and I think I made my point clear.
5. Combating the controversy that followed wasn’t an easy task, but you handled it with grace and finesse delivering across a positive message to women across the world, and for that you’ve won our hearts already. Do you feel the brunt of openly expressing yourself is only on the Indian Woman? 
No, I’m sure it’s present all over the world. It’s just about personal opinions. Something that is artistically appealing to one person could be on the other end of the spectrum to another. It all depends on one’s perspective. You can’t please everyone so I say, just do what makes you feel good and happy. A woman has as much right as a man to do so.

6. You’ve been an open book with your relationship, while most of your contemporaries remain mum on their personal life. Any comments on that?
I don’t go out of my way to talk about it, but I also don’t try to hide it on purpose. When you’re in a relationship with someone, they’re obviously a very important part of your life. Why try to hide them from the world?
7. Where do you see yourself 5 years from now? 
5 years from now, I see my brother and I joining hands to create an organization that focuses on steering homeless children in Mumbai towards a healthier lifestyle through sports, dance, and various other activities. Sports can serve as a way out for these kids and dance can help them express themselves freely and forget about their reality in that moment.
8. Would we see you on the big screen any soon?
9. You’ve been an extremely loving and supportive sister to Tiger and you’re a complete family person. We’d like to know more about your childhood growing up in a Star household! 
Yes, family is always number one. We’re a very small family. It’s just the 4 of us, so we’re as tight as it gets! It was always extremely normal growing up. Tiger and I went to The American School of Bombay, so being around all the expat students, nobody cared about who you are or what family you come from. I absolutely loved that about my school. Also, we wouldn’t go on my dad’s sets very often or to any events with him. I just recently started going to events only because Tiger is now a part of the industry and it’s still insane to see my brother do what he does. He’s phenomenal!
10. You’re an example of a strong, independent woman. However, it takes a lot to be a bravado in times where people are constantly tearing you down. Have you faced any sour episodes from people in the industry? What were the teething problems you faced while getting started? 
I haven’t faced any negativity from anyone in the industry. I’m pretty distant from the whole scene.

11. A piece of wisdom to your readers! 
Stay true to yourself, do what makes you the happiest and not what people expect you to do, and always laugh lots!


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