Interview: Vaishnavi Chandran, Princess South India 2015


At some point of our lives, we’ve all had the glamorous dream of becoming a star, a superstar even, but little do we act on it! At an age where all we think we can do, is gossip and take selfies, this passionate girl takes her dreams all but seriously and has accomplished a little too much for her age today. Here, we bring to you our interview with Vaishnavi Chandran- Princess South India 2015 and a budding starlet in the South Indian film industry. With a rocky road in the past and a lot of sweat and effort put into achieving what she has today, we hear from her about her journey to get where she is today.



  1. How does it feel to have been able to achieve so much at the age of 17?

I’ve worked all my life to accomplish the little that I have. It feels very satisfying to be able to achieve this much at the age of 17.

  1. What inspired you to get into acting and keep doing what you do?

I am a trained dancer and I love performing, in general. So yeah, dance always kept me inspired to face the camera.

  1. Does working in the South Indian film industry come with a lot of pressure and expectations, that you feel you need to live up to?

According to me, we set out our own expectations and I’ve set the bar pretty high for myself. So yes, it does come with a lot of expectations. As far as pressure is concerned, I can easily say that I barely get time to sleep, haha. But if you are to accomplish something then you have to be willing to sacrifice as well.

  1. How do you manage to balance your work life, education, social life and everything else?

My mother is my manager or like I call her, my mom-ager. She completely takes care of all my shooting schedules, appointments and other such things and when it comes to studies, I’ve scored pretty well in my first PU, so it’s not that difficult. I ensure that I spend at least two hours everyday with my books, no matter how tired I am. In my social life, I have a set of really close friends who to hang out with most of the time. Other than that, I manage to mingle with new people whenever I’m relatively free and I’m pretty active on social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram.

  1. Have you at any point of your life, dealt with hate or bullying? If so, how did you deal with it?

In the period of eighth to tenth grade, I was subjected to a lot of hate and bullying. Being called ugly was a part of my daily routine and if I am to be honest, it did affect me a lot. But it is because of those incidents that I am what I am today. I decided to prove those people wrong and look where I am today. So, my only word of advice to anyone who’s being bullied is, either prove them wrong or learn to ignore them entirely. But here’s a little secret, there’s nothing more satisfying than the feeling that you get when you prove them all wrong.

  1. What/who has constantly supported and motivated you throughout your journey?

My parents, Ravi and Kavitha and my younger sister, Vaibhavi, they are my world. The immense strength that they give me is honestly what’s kept me going, without that, I am nothing.

  1. How was your experience with the Princess South India Pageant and add to that, winning it?

The Princess South India Pageant was a beautiful journey. It took a lot of hard work to actually accomplish what I have. More than the actual victory of the pageant, the fact that I made my parents proud meant the world to me.

  1. How do you deal with all the gossip mongers?

If people think I’m popular/successful enough to gossip about, its a win for me right there. So yeah, they can say whatever they want to. Truth is, they’re either insecure, jobless or jealous.

  1. What are your plans for the future?

I aspire to be one of the most renowned artists in the history of Indian Cinema.

  1. What’s your message to everyone out there that looks up to you and hopes to be where you are some day?

Three things that I’d like to convey to those people :
a. It’s not as easy as you think it is.
b. If you give it all the energy, passion, integrity and patience that you’ve got, you’ll gain much more success than I ever will.
c. People will pull you down and tell you that you can’t, don’t listen to them. You’re destined for bigger things.



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