Interview: Natasha Shankar Fashion and Beauty blogger

In today’s world, fashion blogging is more and more sought after as a profession, who doesn’t want to look good at any moment and get famous for doing exactly what you love? Natasha Shankar, a fashion and Beauty Blogger and YouTuber is becoming an even more famous name day by day. With a wardrobe to die for, a list of collaborative projects and a newly opened YouTube channel, Natasha has done it all to conquer the world with her styling power. Today we talk to her about her journey to her popularity, her astounding work and how she dealt with the troubles from her past and grew up to be the gorgeous, humble and talented person that she is today.

1. What inspired you to pursue fashion blogging and now, YouTube?

I was always dressing up and asking my mom to take pictures of me, in my childhood days, so the love for fashion came to me naturally. But when I travelled to USA, that kind of died down and I was more focused on science. I found that love again only after my mom took up a fashion designing course and I would help her with her projects. I realized then that this was something I wanted to do alongside her, so I started my blog. I would watch tons of makeup tutorials on YouTube and lookbooks and it was something I really wanted to do too, so I decided to start my YouTube channel. I told myself that my channel wouldn’t just be about fashion and beauty. I wanted to talk to people about things like negativity and how to deal with bullying, etc. I wanted to help as much as I could through my channel.

2. With popularity comes a lot of nasty gossip and haters. How do you deal with gossip mongers and the gossip that you hear about yourself?

I ignore them all. I know who I am and the people who love me know who I am and what I do. People who talk badly about me are looking for attention and I don’t have any of that to give, so I try avoiding such people.

3. What message would you give to the many young girls that idolise and look up yo you?

I have a younger sister who looks up to me and I always tell her that she should be herself, to be strong and confident about herself and spread positive vibes to those around her. I’d like to encourage this idea in everyone and not just the young girls out there. Spread happiness and love always.



4. What are your endeavours for the future?

I’m in my third year of engineering, in information science. I wanna go ahead and obtain a master’s degree and after that wherever life takes me, I’m ready for the ride. I do have a lot of goals such as opening an animal shelter, an orphanage and an NGO for women and children. I wanna contribute as much as I can to this world.

5. How do you balance your social life, education, work and personal life so seamlessly?

It’s a lot of hard work and dedication, not to mention a lot of loyalty and positivity is also needed. I always believe that if you really want something then you have to work hard to get it, be it work or a relationship.

6. What are your main tips to surviving high school, peer pressure and the social jungle?

I think havingsome good friends who you can trust, is better than being popular with a hundred friends. High school isn’t easy and you can only survive when you understand your place and where you wanna go, and who you want to take with you at the end of it. Also, stay away from the drama, the most important tip.

7. How did you deal with bullying and hatred when you were much younger? What one message would you like to give the same bullies today?

I dealt with it on my own at first. I didn’t know how to really handle it when it started but I got through it because I believed in myself and that I’m more than what people say or think I am. Also, when I reached the 11th grade, I got friends who helped me believe that I’m a better person and they made my school life better and I thank god for my parents. This one time I was crying and my dad came into the room and he saw how hurt I was. He just said, “You have everything. You have a family, good friends who matter, a place to live, education, and you’re going to be out of here in a few years. So why waste your time on people who don’t matter? Why cry for them when you know and they know that you’re better than all of them?” That’s when I realized that I needed to stand up for myself and since then I haven’t let anyone put me down.

A message to those people who bullied me, thank you. I’m stronger today and I realized I’m much better than what they portrayed me to be.

8. You are admirably confident and comfortable in your own skin, what’re your tips for body positivity and love?

Be yourself, love yourself, respect yourself. You may be dark, fair, thin or fat. You may have pimples or scars or whatever it is. Love yourself first for what you are. Imperfections are beautiful, they define you. No one wants perfection and nobody is perfect. A strong and confident woman is beautiful and when you believe that about yourself and respect yourself for who you are, life becomes much simpler.

9. What would your message to aspiring social media influencers, bloggers and YouTubers be?

If you have a passion for it, do it. Achieve your goals and dreams. You just have one life, live it your way.


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