In conversation with Subir Malik, from Parikrama- The band 

Talk Rock n Roll in the Indian Music scene and the first thing a diehard rock fanatic would say is “listen to But It Rained by Parikrama, it’ll give you chills!” Though the audience in India has comes to terms with the idea of a band very recently, there were a group of musicians much ahead of their times who saw the potential of the genre 23 years ago.

They’re known as Parikrama today, the country’s #1 band known for it’s unparalleled perfection & finesse in the field of Indian Rock. They work on a simple philosophy – to create music that touches the inner soul.
Parikrama has several live performances and original numbers to its name. The band was officially formed on 17 June 1991 in Delhi. The word parikrama means ‘orbital revolutions’ in Sanskrit.
Taking the country by storm even since it’s formation, some chart topping songs by the band include
Laminate vai Pakistan

Am I Dreaming

Tears of the Wizard

In The Middle


Whiskey Blues

Rhythm & Blues

But It Rained

Load Up

Open Skies


Till I’m No-One Again

Le Chaim

I Believe (with Agnee and Shilpa Rao)



I believe

All day I dream of you

The band consists of:
Nitin Malik – lead vocals

Sonam Sherpa – lead guitars

Saurabh Choudhary – guitar

Subir Malik – organist, synthesizers

Gaurav Balani – bass guitar

Srijan Mahajan – drums
Accompanied by:
Imran Khan – violins

Shambu Nath – tabla, percussion

Here’s questioning Subir Malik, one of the founding members of Parikrama who graduated from St. Xaviers school, Delhi and completed his undergrad from Kirori Mal College, Delhi University, about what makes the band a success story that has inspired many budding musicians to step up to the Dias and make it big.

1. Talk of Indian Bands, and you hear the crowd synonymously go all “Parikrama”. How was the journey up till here for you?
Its been super fantastic , this band was made to have fun and that’s what we do till now.

It is but a way of life for us six, going this way ever since that summer afternoon in Delhi. JUNE 17th, 1991. We named it PARIKRAMA … literal Hindi means revolving around.. encircling etc. In essence, “KARMA”…, living our lives doing what one ought to, keeping to one’s own chosen path, and on and on. It has been so, all these years, it probably will be so awhile. Small wonder then, if you see the same old faces. It only keeps getting rockier and rolliest. Especially the one’s that are dished out with that screeching violin. Or one’s that begin with about thirty fiery balls of fire, not in one bang, but a million colors … so to say
And that’s parikrama for you, and the rest of us. We’ve stayed in orbit, and kept the light … from six playing members to ten at times, we love playing our hearts out.
2. How did you start with Parikrama? 

I was to join my family business , and decided to form a band before I say goodbye to music forever , that would essentially play classic rock only. Thought to be a 4 month project , here we are , 23 years down.
Luckily I was playing in many bands earlier , so got in all the things I had learnt into the band , so we got sorted as a unit faster.

3. In every musicians life, there comes a period where you find out music is your muse & everything else is plain material. Any such moment?
Everyday has been one such moment. Music was always my true calling.
For us, it was never about individualistic agendas. Nowhere close to it. In fact, we made New Delhi’s first-ever concert for AIDS awareness.
4. How did you land up your first concert?
Well a friend was doing a gig to launch 4 new bands , so I managed to convince him regarding us , and thus we played our first gig on sept 15th , 1991 at Father Agnel school , new Delhi .
5. How would you describe the music scene for bands in India? Is there anything we need to build upon?

Do you believe the Indian audiences have finally opened arms to the idea of bands & genres like pop, rock and edm apart from the good old Bollywood?
Just one line ‘ this is the best time to be a musician in this country ‘ explains it all!

There lies huge unexplored potential in the field.

6. Where do you see parikrama in 10 years?
Still rocking the stage and creating good music.

7. Working as a team must be tough. Did you encounter any such problems during the infancy stages of the band?
Its like a family, you see we’ve had arguments and did agreements , but were back as a unit the next day. What kept us going all the time throughout the years was the fact that Parikrama was our dream and our passion.

8. Where does parikrama draw it’s inspiration?
Initially , of course classic rock gods.

It’s a big bad word, this. It takes away a few good souls every now and then. (Of course HE needs to keep the scene going up there, fair enough !) But, it isn’t that way for us. Rock and roll keeps us alive. Like Pink Floyd have, Zeppelin of course, or even Purple, Skynyrd, Hendrix, Allman Brothers, and Doors, sixty million others that would need as many pages of this damnable keying in. What matters, is, that they had their men, and women, preferring the scene above, but their songs are as good as right now. So be it. Rock on…

9. A piece of advice to young singers & musicians.
There is no substitute for hard work , take care.


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