How to Leave for Good? A toxic Relationship and Sweet Lies

Author : Saniya Zehra
You often get so involved within relationships that you tend to lose your individualism. You start seeing the world from someone else’s eyes; creating distances from your own thoughts. Because anyway who cares what you think, right? Calling the cage your abode shows just how much spent you are in glorifying the hurt. You conceal the fact that it’s not “commitment” but a faux act to veil your indecisiveness. It’s your inability to walk out of a fling that does not please you any longer.

After all the efforts put in, all the lies you told yourself, all the fantasies you created in your mind and the promises made to you, that one person leaves. The person, for whom you held for so long, for whom you murdered your own soul, has left now. Perhaps, they were fugitives. So why does it bother when a fugitive leaves you? Because may be a liar had spoken the truth sometime? And you thought that you were the truth. Like lies, like all your fantasies, they took you away from the reality and ultimately left you, spent!
Or perhaps, unlike you, they were just courageous enough to end what didn’t profit them emotionally. Your efforts, selflessness and commitment- all fell short for them. Even if they were an escapist, you were not their refuge. “Or maybe I was,” you sooth yourself. Now standing alone in the incredulity that edges you, like always, you fail to let go; telling yourself, that maybe it’s time which is at fault and not them. “It’s time that ain’t right for anything, sometimes. But, like everything and everyone in this world, the time changes. And don’t they say, ‘that, what is your, always comes back to you, when the time is right.’”

But, life isn’t always fair, is it? What if they don’t return? What if you are the goner in their eyes? What if it is you who’s escaping? What if both of you took the opposite paths?

“Then, may be we’ll find each other one day, on the wrong terrains of life; both the fugitives staring into another one’s eyes, falling in love, yet again.

And then, maybe, the time would be right.”

It’s true that when we forgive, we heal, but when we let go, we grow. Patience yields happiness, however, being passive is an act of cowardice. The choices we make define what we go on to become in our lives. Every person claims to have fallen in love. This time, let’s make an effort to rise. Together.


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