Aqeedah – An Undying Faith

By – Saniya Zehra

“The reward of goodness is nothing but goodness,”

Ending with the 55th verse of the 61st chapter,

She closed the Qur’an, then prayed for His forgiveness.

Whilst her last words had the children’s mind captured.


Turning towards her mother, the curious boy said:

“Mother, I’ve never seen anyone else ever do

The immense deeds of goodness done by you

Haven’t you got your rewards yet?

Because I’ve heard you cry in bed.”


The mother smiled with teary eyes, then explained to her children

“Faith and patience are all that He has ever asked from us

In return for the blessings he has forever bestowed.

And we will reap one day, each one of us, that we’ve sowed.”

The children could comprehend her words now,

Her voice so beautiful that the fears were doomed.

The reverie broke with the doorbell ringing from the other side of their room,

Tucking them to sleep, she stood up and went to open the door.

Outside the door was her test for patience and faith.

She unlocked the door expectantly to meet a foul face

Without much ado she served him with cold water

And stood there for the next instruction that’d be given to her.

She was now ordered to remove his socks and shoes,

And one by one eliminate the pain from all his toes.

She kept sitting there, on the floor, while he lit a cigar

Watching the news, he cursed the criminal with the murder charge.

One murderer staring into the eyes of another,

To find the irreparable losses widening the holes.

One killed the body, another murdered a soul.

But the murderers now sleep, with the victims on the floor

She, still waiting patiently, for the rewards her deeds behold.

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