Wine is not really “Fine” – A Slow Poison? 

Author : Oohini Mukherjee

Quoting Khushwant Singh, “Alchohol is not an intoxicant”, to which I add further it is a stimulant to intoxication.

Intoxication is not just about the bodily or bloodily intoxication. It is a super word with layers of understanding. The chilled beer, the English gin, the Spanish Sherry, the Russian Vodka or the French wine. The Lugidi from Manali, the Pheny from Goa or the Tari from the Malabar, it is not the same but it is exactly mirrorly in function.

All through ages, we see enthusiasts from the world endorsing for the alcoholic immersion through their lifestyles.

For instance: Marilyn Monroe, “regarding alcohol, she started out as just a moderate drinker, but eventually, she did become addicted to alcohol. Her favorite drink was French champagne. Many times, she drank herself into a stupor. She used alcohol as an escape, and it had a very destructive effect in her life. But again, there was little consciousness about it then. Everybody drank. As for other recreational drugs, she dabbled in them at Hollywood parties, and she even dropped Acid with Timothy Leary a few times, but for Marilyn Monroe, it was mainly prescription drugs and alcohol that decimated her”. Says, Dr. Ralph Cinque in his “Marilyn Monroe: the health lessons of a tragic life”.

Who does not remember Amy Winehouse? ‘I don’t want to die.” Were her last words just hours before death gulped the pop star. Her death was as direct and subjective as possible to alcohol toxicity. It was not sudden or surprising that a fatal end awaited, Suffering from Bulimia Nervosa, she had a history of drug use including cannabis, crack cocaine and heroine. She wasn’t solely sculpting her fate with her indulgences, but sincerely dismantling the only way possible to health.

I think I should clarify the deal here, which is not at all to criticize the habits of alcoholics or it is not an attempt in void to repeat the consequences of an unhealthy lifestyle but it is a sincere step to promote some facts and unconventional concepts that describe what actually is troublesome.

The refined tag does not qualify the best wine to be a slower poison and be less harmful. It is actually the most dangerous indulgence among alcohol as it replaces water and is consumed mostly with meals. The fallacy lies in the concept of it being lighter than other hard drinks. The red, the white, the fruit and the mildest of them all, everything is liable to cause a rupture.

Wine is supposedly attached to the precious and cautious of them all. However it still fails to qualify for a real rustic flavor if one tends to be non biased and fluid in their approach.

The special status that wine and vodka enjoy are “being womanly in nature”. Not because they are long bottled and preciously defined. However, because they are “light” in terms of intoxication. Well, there lies the first error itself. Trying to categorize the alcohol in a patriarchal subversion is the funniest example of subordination ever witnessed.

If the lowest and the indigenous are known to be rooted to the production of the most wild nectars the rich and the posh are reputed to extremely fine sips. The irony lies in the commonalty of the kinds of suffering that follows. It is actually not just about diseases but it is entirely about the challenge known as “addiction’’.

Hysteron proteron, the masked man fallacy, argument from ignorance, post hoc fallacy, shifting the burden of proof and many more such loosening of the nerves gives rise to. An addict is a personification of decadence. When the mind is eclipsed with appeasement. And not all people who drink are addicts. But when there is a first time, there is a second and then there is a third and another.

It is an earnest appeal, however to try and learn about a consumption in the first place. If it is about never coming back to it, it is worth a single shot. As mentioned initially, the famous produces of a place are to be ruthlessly savoured which won’t be available again in a nearby access. Say for that matter the “Lugidi or Pheny”. I bet the most unrefined are the “must try” without having the risk of being attacked sooner to its temptations. Just like an untouchable woman is considered to be the most touchable.


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