Neon Styling : Making it easier & fun! 

Author : Anvita Bhandari

NEON STYLING: Neon colours are everywhere this summer. It’s a little risky to wear them on an average day. If not styled aptly, they might turn out to be a disaster. So here we have some basics from our rule book.

TO BEGIN WITH, start small. Just to try the trend and let it slip in your comfort zone, stick with hints of neon. Neon accessories look great any day, be it a bag, pair of shoes, statement rings, a little touch of neon never goes out of style.

NEON NEUTRAL COMBO Since neon colours are really flashy and bright, it pairs up very well with toned down and neutral colours.

CHOOSING WISELY Never choose a colour that doesn’t compliment your skin tone. The outfit has to be put together in a clever way with just the right amount of neon so that it doesn’t look overdone.


THE ALL NEON LOOK: Now this is something big, dressing up in all neon is almost like turning into a show stopper. Try neon dresses with neon shoes and neon accessories, style correctly and you’ll look fabulous.

NEVER match your bangles, bracelets, hoops to your dress. Your dress and accessories must never be the same colour. Different shades of the same colour family also stand out.

DARK BLACK TIGHTS always create magic. These tights go very well with any neon dress or top. Not only tights, any black element in your outfit goes really well with neon.

• Wearing more than two shades of neon is not always a good idea. They stick to two complimenting shades of neon.


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