Love, & Love alone can heal our Brokenness 

Author : Garima Thukral.

1) Was love not meant to be simple? Was love not meant to be measured through the wideness of their smiles? Was love not how he picked you up off your feet or how he fought goons for you? Was love not how you made his favourite food every day and night? Was love not worrying if he’d come home on time?
When did our meanings of love changed?
I guess when we stopped watching cartoons.
Love is nothing if not heroic. Isn’t it? ❤
Popeye and Olive.

2) Do you see the picture?

Yes? Okay.
Now, try looking through it for once just like you’ve read between the lines.
Don’t you see unconditional love screaming out of the picture? Don’t you see him, engulfing her in his own? Don’t you see the protection he has to offer for her, mate?
And, the kiss which probably would have said I’ll never leave.
Did he not leave? He, did.
Did he stay? With her, forever.
John Lenon’s widow, Yoko Ono. When he died in that hospital, she was inconsoloable but she calmed in a moment when lenon’s wedding ring was given to her. What did she see in that ring is what I still wonder?
Did she the forever she had with his absented presence that calmed the oceans in her or the fact that he will never leave inside of her that stopped her misery for a moment?

And, then a thought arises. ‘For you, a thousand times over.’ 
3) Love hurts and it always will. When two people start expecting so much from each other and somebody fails to stand up to those, it starts hurting.
There are two types of human beings in this universe, the type who think love is worth the hurt and the type who think it is not.
Simple and yet so intricately complicated. 

4) Letting the person be. Letting the person go.
Making the person stay. Making the person leave.
Are not all these forms of different love’s aiming at a forever which many now seem to be dwindling in the shades of grey but will soon shine like the brightest sunshine you’ve ever seen all your life?
And like Maroon 5 says, ‘It’s not always rainbows and butterflies. It’s compromises that moves us along.’ 

5) Find someone who you could share your silences with, someone who could handle all your paradoxes. Find someone who would not run away from your darkness, someone who would dance with you even when your life has no music in it. Find someone who would make you theirs without you even realising it, someone who would mould your vulnerablities into your strengths.
Find someone, who doesn’t make you think “What to do with all this love?”


6) Do you know how it feels to look at someone you love, be distant and still have a smile on your face? Have you ever made an acquaintance with this type of pain? Are you familiar, with that burning ache which refuses to die down?
So, go.
If you have that one person, go and make it out. Go and hug them, hold their hands, have a fight, be illogical, crazy, but don’t lose them.

Feel lucky. 


7) A love so strong, it defies your own senses.
A love so strong, it holds you in place.
Can there be a love so strong which could say, ‘You go Derek, I’ll be fine.’
Is it real, a love so strong?


8) Look at the picture. They waited centuries for a glimpse of each other. Separated with physical distance, but never in spirit. They define, eternal love. A love so pure and rare, you could be smiling yet there’ll be tears rolling down your eyes. A love which could never be anyone else’s to share. A love which had always been theirs to keep.

A love that makes the conspiracy of the stars bend and now, that is present in every atom of stardust, every minute connecting force that keeps life together. Maybe that’s why their names are always taken together, like one doesn’t exist without the other.
#Krishan-Radha Ji.

Love is the right amount of light, into the darkness. 
Is it not, now? 


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