How to ace the Boho Chic look! 


Author : Srishty Biswas

Boho-chic is a sense of style which typically draws it’s influence from bohemian and hippie look. If your favourite colour is tie-die, paisley, floral or suzani and if the major fringe comeback is a thrill for you, then summer is the just right time for you to channel your inner Boho Goddess. Here’s a quick guide to flaunt this eccentric trend this season.



Boho is all about being free-spirited and fearless. Dress up in flowy, breezy outfits that add drama. Find your inspiration in kaftans, floral dresses, kimonos. In case you heart vintage, go ahead and bring 60s and 70s to life! Go for exciting prints, laces, feathers and embroideries. Keep it feminine and chic by mixing oversized with well-tailored pieces and layers. But know where to stop as too many layers might end up looking unflattering.





This is definetly the most important part. Nothing screams boho more than your chunky earthy jewellery. Here plenty is never too much! So express yourself with accessories and details. Pick up some rings, a dangling earring and an embroidered scarf or a layered necklace and so on. Adding a little exotic flair is a must. It adds texture and richness which is vital for this look.





While afros are too much to ask for, effortless braids and wavy curls are perfect to pull off the boho look. Wear a headband or a flower accessory to glam up your curls with a rugged parting. Or you could grab a scarf, tie it around your head in a creative way and make your own head wrap when you are having one of those bad hair days.




Although slouchy distressed booties look great, let’s go easy on our feet this summer. Strappy flats and gladiators are very summery and light, yet they still look bold and trendy. Look for styles that are easy to slip on and off since there is nothig more annoying than a pair of shoes which takes five minutes to get them on and off!

So, let the boho girl in you take you for a spin this season and we promise you’d fall in love!

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