Changing the Norms, the ‘HatKe’ Way : In conversation with Shivaji Choudhary, the founder of Be Hatke 

In times like ours, where everybody wants to stand out and be different, the defining factor for our personality, among many other traits is the way we dress. Come College days and finding the right apparel that suits your persona is quite a task. There comes BeHatke to your rescue! Have a geeky side to yourself, but the usual party animal at college? They have something for everybody!

Be Hatke is a new apparel store that caters to the young collegiate in pan india sector. As the name suggests the focus of this brand is to provide western wear apparel and accessories, with a quirky twist! Everything you’ve always loved : Caption Tees, Hindi Swag, movie lines and clothes. Mix all of this and shake it up and you get, BeHatke.
Furthermore, Mr.Satnam Singh, the first Indian to represent the country in NBA is one of the many stars who wear their t-shirts because, like the saying goes, you need to wear something HatKe, to do something Hatke!

We bring to you the backstory behind this brand :-
1. Apart from the name that is quite the eye catcher, what is the one thing that sets your brand apart from the hundreds of existing ones? 

People always keep thinking of doing things differently the moment they are bored of their routine life, at the same time we all look for better opportunities. We also wanted to make something special in the clothing industry which has crazy competition as of now. Being a new entrant in the market, we realized we have to pull off something unique to get a good customer base. When we were kids, we all used to wear T-Shirts and most of the prints on the tees used to get faded due to the rough usage and how our Househelp used to wash them. So we came up with the ‘Uncrackable’ HD Prints for our tees.

Our print doesn’t even fade. Infact on our website we have said – Maybe your ex might fade in memories but not our prints!
2. Creating a clothing line that caters to the youth must always be in upkeep with the latest trend. What are your views on the ever-changing tastes of Gen Y? Do you find it hard to keep pace? 

To be honest, Be Hatke is a vision. A vision can only be catered if executed properly. Yes we have to do a lot of research on what are the college goers really want to wear. But guess what?? We aren’t here to just be in the mainstream game. We are more of a brand which provides lifestyle related products and that too in a hatke manner. The world is moving way too fast and it’s an adventure to learn and understand that how quickly trends are changing. We have to be connected to the youth to analyze the taste of the Gen -Y and till now I believe we have done a good job. But it’s just a start.
3. Every enterprise faces teething problems. How was the journey from the conception of the idea to solidifying and capitalising on it? 

It was all random. I never thought I will have a clothing line in my life. Damm!!! On a personal level I dint even think I would open up a business someday. Oh yes!!!

The journey – so I was talking to my mother one day and told her could you please suggest some name for an online clothing store. And she was like it should be something hatke. And there I caught it. BE HATKE. So from there we started this entire journey of how we would see the world in a hatke manner and I personally always thought when everyone is doing the same thing by selling normal clothes. Boss, it’s time to make a move and execute the project in a hatke manner. I am proud to tell you that we started working out of Kota, Rajasthan (hometown). We executed everything based out of there and now we are expanding our offices in Delhi. Who knew with a help of few more people who are in my team from Kota would be able to pull off Be Hatke. They say how would you know without trying? So we did and here we are.

4. What inspired you to venture into this terrain? 

I believe we all are unique in some or the other way. It’s all about finding the right mix and environment to channelise that. Everyone wants to wear something personalized. They want to showcase themselves and people wear such clothes which define them. So we want to cater that to the people. Catching different lifestyles in our prints is what we focus on. We are coming up with our second cycle of products really soon and yes with a bang!

5. How do you wish to expand? 

Our 2nd phase of clothing will have atleast 25+ categories. We want to expand with the customers. We do a thorough feedback on how our product is doing in the market and taking suggestions and inputs. We have to come to the conclusion that it’s a never ending journey. People can like anything. But it’s our job that someone sees our product and their eyes pop out. Our product has to be that good. So now we are collaborating with a lot of brands of different industries. Apart from that , we just started our ‘Be Hatke College Internship Program’. This is an all India platform where different college students can be a part of the internship program and this will be a major breakthrough for us. We go step by step to fulfill it. We just finished our delhi recruitment and soon we are hitting up Bangalore , Jaipur and Mumbai. By the end of this year, we will have a good customer base and we are working for it. I can’t reveal all our expansion plans. Let’s wait for the jhatkas!

BeHatke runs a social campaign promoting the sense of doing things Hatke, not every clothing company does this!

We have recently started the BeHatke college internship programme. We plan to reach out to the students of almost all the major cities in the country. We had our first set of interviews at Social Offline in New Delhi which was a great success with students finding this a ‘Hatke’ interview.

6. A quick advice to all the youngsters on how to be “Hatke” from the rest! 

Just remember you have one life!

Go drive it your way. Cheers!


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