Atlantis : Fact Or Fiction? 

Author : Pallavi Sabharwal

An Ancient Wonder or Fantasy?

It was while I was searching for Bermuda’s Triangle that I came across a research on the lost city of Atlantis. The legend about a mythical city submerged deep under the ocean.

The world is full of myths that eventually evolved into legends, with or without a trace of history that lures humanity into the deepest secrets. The lost city of Atlantis being of them.

For years scientists have looked for the lost city of Atlantis, but Plato’s statement never seemed to be satiating enough for the mystery to be unveiled and always stood as barrier between reality and myth. The only mention of Atlantis by name is in Timaeus and Critias, in Plato’s dialogues. Despite scientists adamant protests that Atlantis was, is and will remain to be a subject of fiction, Plato is crystal about where his city of Atlantis is : “For the ocean there was at that time navigable, for in front of the mouth which you Greeks call as you say, “the pillars of Heracles” there lay as island which was larger than Libya and Asia put together.

In that time Atlantic ocean was navigable, the pillars of Heracles being the Strait of Gibraltar.

Plato said that the island he called Atlantis “in a single day and night, disappeared into the depths of the sea”. Yet, no trace of Atlantis has ever been found.

How can a city the size of Libya and Asia combined together be buried under the Atlantic ocean and not a trace of it be recovered after numerous underwater research operations being carried out. There exists no other mention of the city of Atlantis in thousand of Greek scriptures except of in Plato’s works which he claimed to be a true tale. Scientists claimed to have pinpointed the exact location of the lost city but never recover a trace of it. Many theories came up, many claimed to have found it but not a proof remains, except of a mind boggling mystery that remains to be a cord between the deepest mysteries of science and myths that’ll push the human mind on the horizon of imagination, luring and unreachable.

Is it a secret of the ancient world forever captivating humanity, or a fantasy created to make people fearful of god in times when people were insecure of the wrath of gods?

More than 2000 years later after Plato’s death, the story is still repeated. Plato said that Atlantis existed 9000 years before his own time, the story passed down by priests and others. Yet the only records of Atlantis’ existence was found in Plato’s writings.

No scientists thinks the myth to be true, but there are many who do as the history has had several records of earthquakes, floods and volcanic explosions.

The charm of the unknown is strong but unbelievable.

Maybe the city of Atlantis exists, hidden from the impiety of humanity, or maybe the lost city of Atlantis wasn’t lost at all and still survives in Plato’s fictitious world.



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