Finding Happiness 

By – Aastha Jain & Simran

Happiness as they say, is the toughest find today. If you search the world (there’s an unexplored infinite world lying beyond the reach of your smartphone, which is built on humane touch and experience), you’d find dismay in abundance with news of war, murder, rape, lynching and what not. But, look close. An ordinary life can be the most beautiful marvel you’d see. The difference? Perspective!

We’re all so entrapped within the chaos and stress of daily life, we forget to pause, take a minute and notice the extraordinary happiness and beauty hidden in ordinary things. We bring forth one small attempt to show you the same world you see everyday, through a different lens.
1. Choose to be beautiful, regardless of who’s watching. 


Just like the picture, the world will always scan you through with every broad frame they get, remember, life’s a journey. Your journey ends the minute you lose track of your road in order to look back to the confront the attrition girded your way. Be smart, keep driving!
2. Sometimes, what’s broken is the most beautiful. 

Don’t believe us yet? Here’s another testimony to this fact.

Look at that fort? It is a mark that ruins have stories in them, stories of sustenance and fighting the odds, and at the end of the battle, emerges something beautiful. This beautiful sight that you see is Pompeii, Italy. This town was immersed completely in a volcanic eruption of Mt. Vesuvius and stripped off its people by covering them in molten lava. But, today, what remains, is this.

So, if you’re broken and bent, something beautiful is awaiting inside.
3. Brimming With Life 

When was the last time you planted a tree? Or conserved water?

4. Look at the water. As if it silently screams, ” Don’t mind if I take in all the dirt you throw at me, and still shine brighter than the stars you see. “


There’s beauty in silence. There’s beauty in peace. Pause, understand and forgive instead of acting defensive.

5. There’s a world waiting for you. You just need to step out and open your wings. You were made to fly, little bird. Don’t let anybody tell you otherwise! 

6. “Meri bho-bho ke saath photo kheech do.” 

Innocence and love, two things that can get you places. Whenever confused and grappling with mixed emotions, ask yourself, “How would the five year old me react?”

Would it really be that big a deal, then?
7. Lunch scenes 


When was the last time you shared your lunch with a complete stranger or made a new animal friend over feeding them?
8. All for one & one for all 


Often, all your problems have a switch off option. Just look for the switchboard!
9. Travel so far, you meet yourself. 


Be curious, keep travelling, keep questioning, keep learning.
10. Cleanse.

Spend time with yourself.


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