7 Things you’ll relate to if you’re in London! 

Image credits – Ridhima Manghani
Welcome to the land of British accents (drool!), the London eye, OneD, waffles, Harrods, the Royals, the Buckingham Palace, Tim Hortons, Ben&Jerry’s and Madame Tussaud’s. This place really does have it all!

Living in the capital city of the UK the ultimate dream come true for most of us who dub this place as the city of dreams, and life in London seldom fails to live up to expectations, because it far exceeds them. Living in Europe, which is the place to be for a relaxed, slow paced life among the running metropolis lifestyle the world follows. Expect a good breakthrough from all the constant hopping between places to make your ends meet. London provides a serene outlook and a rare amalgam of city life with country perks, recreating the era gone by.
The area of London, according to Wikipedia, covers an impressive 1570km. Within this you can find sprawling suburbs, tranquil green parks, towering futuristic buildings with fantastic picturesque morning and dawn backgrounds right in your balcony the moment when you get up.
We bring to you 7 things to help you relish your London dream in the grandest way possible!
1. A taste of India. 

Quoting Sanya Mirza,

“There’s more than a billion Indians around the globe, we’re technically everywhere!”


London is no different to this fact. A visit to Southall and you feel like you’re in mini-Punjab, with locals and their warm, homely smiles to all the Gurudwaras and Mandirs around this place. The only thing missing here is – street food stalls!
And if you’re a fashion student, brace yourself for immense feelings of pride. The British have always had a soft spot for Indian print, which till date, tends to dominate the market. So, any event you go to or any coveted exhibition you witness, you’ll find Indian Handwoven cloth as the hot favourite!

This, and the British preoccupation for Indian Spice has continued unbent over the years. Indian handicrafts have major recognition here, and are seen as exquisite.

2. The handmaiden for architectural marvel


Europe, without saying, was the seat of the Renaissance. It started from Constantinople, Italy and spread through all parts of the continent. The United Kingdom was the ruling throne to the Tudors, Stuarts and many more dynasties. The common link between these dynasties was the capital city- London.

 Whatever you do, whichever place you visit, you’ll always find archaic domes and ancient wall sculpture with detailed mosaics, underground subways, the metro and Rail systems (which were the first in the world) very well maintained ever since they were conceived.
3. The red phone booth! 

If you’ve ever been to London, this one is a sure thing. It could actually serve as a trademark to defining – “Welcome to London!”

They’re everywhere, literally. And they’re so cute, you can’t skip them.
4. Thames

Watched Namastey London? Enter “London Ki Ganga

Passing by the London Bridge and a ride at the London Eye will give you immense glimpses of the Thames River. A site so quiet and serene, running through the heart of a city that runs on zeal. A rare combination, we say. Don’t be surprised if you find troubadour or Occitan music playing by. Let the archaic feel sink in.
5. Shopping and Food. 


 Contrary to popular belief and the deadening gap between the Rupee-Pound relation, London is extremely generous with pricing!

You can buy a branded H&M Tee shirt for as less as ONE Pound. Yes, you read that correct. Apart from this, there’s a lot of flea markets around the year that do not deal with brands but are a splurge on quality.

Best time to make use of your London Visit: December. Sales galore!
Did someone say Food? London has the best Tea, that goes unsaid. You have to feast on Earl Grey or Twinings along with a waffle or pancakes if you’re there! Whipped cream is a mandated understood if you’re ordering shakes or coffee. The undisputed leader when it comes to Food Diversity, London offers the best Lebanese and Italian. Indian options can be found all along Southall.
6. A walk through time 


 With ample museums (insert some names here) , you witness mannequins adorned with Victorian Era gowns, hats and corsets and the subsequent progression of hairstyles and beauty standards along the ages. It’s like a live time warp, you can see Britain’s years of Monarchy in hindsight if you walk through a museum. So much for history lovers!
Also, the Royals. Any major event and the royal palace is abuzz with commotion. Be it the changing of guards, the parade, Foreign Tours undertaken by the Queen or national mourning. In a time where modern power relations have substituted democracy in place of timocracry, well, in paper at least, it is good to witness the nostalgia of the time gone by wherein monarchy was the Ruling ambit in the *Game Of Thrones*
7. Nightlife

London is the buzzing hub for night clubs, pubs, concerts and fashion shows. London fashion week being one of the biggest events in the fashion world with Chanel, Burberry and LV as the main showcased brands.

Coming to music concerts, OneDirection and Hozier as British artists and every major music jam has a stopover in London.

Do visit the Ministry Of Sound for a taste of British Nightlife.
Did we mention casinos are NOT illegal? If you got your “Poker” face on, this is the place to be.


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