10 signs you know you’re anti-social & lazy! 

We all know that one person who dresses up in pyjamas, has an entire wardrobe of sweatshirts and pyjamas, ranging from Batman PJs, Converse PJs to suave Black pant lookalikes. You name it, and they have it. Not to mention, they’re always seen wearing Crocs or chappals and walking around with a bun, a loose pony tail of just up-and-out-of-bed hair. If you do not know anybody like that, chances are the absolute Queen of Lazy, is you!

Gone are the days when early to bed and early to rise was the mantra to get through life and create a successful niche for yourself. Enter 21st Century, and an entire legion of late risers and people who sleep after the early risers are up, commonly touted as “Night Owls” by internet trolls took the world by storm. (Not really a zestful expression, we mean a lazy storm!)

Bass, Phir Kya Tha? The lazy Lord looked down on us and smiled, bestowing his undying grace upon us and here we are.

Still confused whether you fall into this category or not? You can always surf the net and take a personality test, but *yawns* ain’t nobody got time for all that! Get your lazy Pjs and favourite 5-day old tee on, and read our amazing list of 10 traits that show you’re the ultimate, unapologetic Princess of…well, lazy.

1. Lazy and Anti-Social are like Cupid and Psyche. Inseparable lovers. 

If you vow to be a lazy night rat, chances are you’ve attended weddings and get togethers wearing a loose tee and guess what? Pyjamas. Brownie points! And got squadrons of ugly Stares like you were a social outcast. But hey, why would you care?

2. You’ve avoided gatherings and events just because dressing up is a task and too many people are just meh. 

Relatable? The last wedding you attended was 45756875 light years away, some chachi-ki-behen-ke-bête-ki-cousin ki shaadi, where you met your entire big fat desi khandaan and had to hit the salon to look presentable. After being up till 4am dancing and smiling and posing for 20 pictures per millisecond with giggly aunties , the spirit in you died and thus was born, the lazy you.

3. Striking a conversation is the last thing you want to do. 

You could be an ace texting champion, with a word count of 200000 per minute (hyperbole intended), but come real life, and you’re mostly the quiet one. Reason : not because you don’t have much to say, but because you’d rather stay shut and feel sleepy and think about bigger plans about saving the world, which wouldn’t happen, because you’re too lazy.

But on the brighter side, a wise man knows when to stay shut, so +1 to Team Lazy!

4. Your wardrobe could beat Yeezus. 

Kanye West’s clothing brand is simple and comfy – an idea he stole straight from your closet! Loose fitted tees and khaki pants, harem pants and pyjamas and you’re dope.

Well, we’ve been rocking that look way before you, Yeezus.

5. You’re exceptionally creative. 

Did we mention how the Lord Of Lazy conferred is bountiful creative gifts? Quoting the great Bill Gates, always find a lazy person to do the most difficult task. They’ll always find an easier way!

Undoubtedly, we are creative geniuses since we spend so much time with ourselves and understanding our psyche.

6. Sleep is your significant other. 

Charles Bukowski, one of the greatest realist, hard-hitting writers of the 21st Century woke up post 12 noon. Connect the dots and you’ll find creative Knights hath never compromised on sleep, and if you belong to our legion, you are a regular food hogging machine and work during late hours of the night, because that’s when you are at your best. No matter when you sleep, you need 10+ hours of sound sleep to function.

7. Going out on the weekends? You’ve got to be kidding us! 

Clubbing and parties make us nauseating sick to our stomachs. Not because we can’t dress up well and look good, but we’d prefer not to. Staying home with a good book and coffee and PJs is the best escapade you need. Not to mention, weekends are sleep sprees. Interrupt our sleep routine, and you die.

8. 6am-4pm is your staple nightly hour, followed by abuses from your family members. 

Need we say more?

We just don’t compromise on beauty sleep, because dark circles, yaar!

Abuses have been your Bff since childhood days. Your days are incomplete till your mother screams “Uth Jaa Nalayak!” At your face. Bummer.

9. Being anti-social and lazy doesn’t mean you’re an asshole. 

Don’t get us wrong here, we’re complete sweethearts once you get to know us! Our routines may not be “normal” but then, what’s normal to the spider is chaos to the fly. Yes, we are different and do not follow set patterns, but hey, you’ve just got one life, shouldn’t be guilty for living as you please. Don’t confuse our easy going nature for obnoxiousness! Just change your perspective and try to understand us, we bet, you’d be surprised.

10. You’ve gone days without bathing. 

Guilty as charged, but we help boosting cologne sales. Bathing during winters is not for us, bathing daily during summers isn’t either.

Lastly, a piece of advice from the laziest and most anti-social girl in all eternity : You are not useless, you are just on rest mode. Each human is unique and so are you. Laziness is not an attractive trait to begin with, but trust me, it’s completely okay unless it interferes with your work. If you’re passionate about work, laziness is out of the question, you’ll never even think of delaying it. If your work life is constantly suffering due to your unhealthy routine, chances are you’re stuck with the wrong career. Time to introspect and make changes!

Not dressing up like its your wedding everyday just shows you are happy in your comfort zone and don’t let anybody tell you otherwise. I’m in a girls college and I’ve just worn jeans less than 15 times in the past 2 years that I’ve attended college. When I’m in my pyjamas, I feel comfortable and at peace with all the hours of travelling to reach college and the draining routine our college schedules are made of. Sure, you may get judged at first, but you can always shut them up with your sterling grades and intellect, which is a quality beyond superficial dressing and applying all the make up there is in the world onto your face. Bottom line – Whatever makes you happy, JUST DO IT.


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